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Quick question

Nope, CLO contains large amounts of vitamin A and D along with omega 3s EPA and DHA. Fish oil is just the omegas.

CLO is great stuff and is probably more effective than fishoil anyway. :)

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I would suggest you look into whole ground up flax seeds.

I had a series of ailments earlier this year and my nutritionalist put me on fish oil for the Omega 3-6-9. (I didnt notice any big results while on it, but still took it).

Several months ago, I read a news article that said medical physicians are starting to use ground up flaxseeds to treat serious medical problems (like anxiety, panic attacks, depression...) because of the nataral healing properties of the seeds. They are also one of the best sources of Omega 3-6-9s.

Out of curiousity, I bought a bag of whole, ground up flaxseeds and started eating 2 tablespoons a day. Within 2 weeks, my medical problem cleared up (which had bothered me for a year). I'm really amazed..and the seeds are everything that the medical industry said they were.

You can get them at the local grocery store.

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Lollypolly.. It's not a stupid question.. It's a smart one, esp. since Cod Liver Oil is high in Vitamin D, also known as the "sunshine vitamin"; It's not really recommended to take CLO in the warm weather months, esp if you are outside a lot as it could cause an excess of vitamin D in a persons system. It's generally recommended to take CLO in the winter and Fish Oil in the summer months.

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Thanks for your help guys, that clears things up for me.

Apple Blossem, thanks for the advice, I take flaxseed oil and sprinkle the seeds over my salads. They're really nice.

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