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My regimen log - adult F acne cure for me

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Thought I'd start a log for all adult female acne sufferers. I know alot of people say that adult female acne is all hormonal and therefore follows different rules than those for others. However, after three weeks on the DK regimen, I can honestly say that I really think this works (but you have to manage the dry skin). I have modified the regimen and do take supplements that I know have been working for hte last couple of years so these are listed as well. (because any help is good help)

I never had acne as a teenager (i know I was lucky) but at the age of 22 I got some pretty bad acne, especially on my back and chest. I would say I had moderate acne, mostly bumbs that turned into whiteheads, but sometimes I got cysts that just seemed to never go away. For the last 5 years it got better on its own and maybe some help from previous regimens, birth control, supplements, etc. But it was always still there, even as moderate or mild acne. I've never been completely clear until now.

A list of things I tried but did not work include the following:

1. Proactive (used for 4 months, then gave up)

2. Zen (used for 4 months then gave up)

3. antibiotics orally taken (2 months, no response so I gave up because it's really not good to take antibiotics if you dont need them or they dont work)

4. Antibiotics topical (3 months, gave up cause tehy weren't working and were expensive under my prescription plan)

5. retina - A (didnt work, made my face oily and felt weird and I think I broke out more. Stuck with it for 6 months, then just didnt do it anymore cause I saw no results, it got worse but never better, and was expensive)

6. all salicic (sp?) face washes I determined really don't work. They just make your skin dry but I believe they dont last.

7. Azelic Acid (20%) creams (tried a few brands because of prescription plans for generic, etc. All I have to say are these were horrible. THey burned when I put them on, felt weird, never worked, smelled weird, couldnt use with makeup, etc. I just hated them and tried for about 7 months before I got fed up)

7. I could go on forever with plans but here;s the deal.

I discourage all of these simply because they were such a waste of money for me and didnt work.

I do take birth control, and my acne has been so unpredictable that I honestly can't tell if it helps or not. I do think ti does help, but again I have no proof. All I know is that it is a must for me and hence I will continue using it. I use YAZ and really like it and recommend it as a birth control for all ladies. The only downside is that it's name brand and I know some women have issues with their prescription plans and brand name birth controls, but it is a good one (and I've tried many brands and styles.) One thing I highly discourage and know for a fact caused my acne to get much worse is the shot. I dont remember the name of it, but it lasted for 4 months and was an injection I got in my butt. THis made my acne worse and once I was off the shot it took 13 months for me to get my period back and this scared the crapt out of me cause I thought it totally ruined my reproductive system (it didnt but I was really scared) and just discourage it in general for all of these reasons.

My daily regimen now includes:


1. drink at least 64 ounces of water a day! This helps keep skin hydrated and also cleans toxics out of the body! I truley believe that this has helped with my acne, no matter what regimen I've tried.

2. GREEN TEA (I don't know why, but again, when I have at least one glass a day for long periods my skin seems clearer and looks better.. and I always get skinnier on it cause it really does curb the appetite so I have nothing but good love for it)

3. MULTI VITAMIN (again, a must.... this should be a given for any adult anyways for proper health)

4. FLAX seed oil (this works and is good for you. It has helped balance out my skin oil overall. You need to take the oil, and not a pill as pills are processed and tend to remove some of the benefits of the omega in it. But take a tablespoon in the morning before your coffee. I know it sucks and tastes awful, but it's just one swallow a day. we can all manage for clear skin)

TOPICAL TREATMENTS (Dk's regimen with a little change)

1. DK cleanser ( I like it fine. Im sure cetaphil and other cleaners without perfumes and dyes work well too. Just don't use a cleanser with salicic acid as I agree with DK That it's too much and too aggravating with the BP for your skin.)

2. MURAD Clarifying toner (cause as a professsional adult, I wear makeup and cleaning gently as Dan recommends seems to leave some makeup left over in my skin. SO this toner is great and not drying like most toners and it gets all the extra makeup residues out of my pores.

3. DK BP: (I love this stuff!! Its a huge tube and therefore a great buy and it dries clear so can be put on in the morning before makeup with no noticeable lines. I originally used a full finger 2x's a day and now use half a finger because of dryness and because I have no active breakouts. A MUST! I still use enough to be uncomfortably dry, but its worth not having acne. I just think a full finger is too much for me since I have no active acne at the moment)

4. PONDS EXTRA DRY LOTION (just because I like it. I believe any lotion that you like that isnt oily should be fine. Stay away from dyes and perfumes if you can, but if you have a favorite lotion, give it a try. I know adult women have favorite face lotions so give it a try)

5. BARE ESCENTUALS MAKEUP (A MUST!!! A mineral makeup has done wonders for my skin. You must wait to put it on a while to make sure your lotion isnt still sticky on your skin or it will cake and smear, but if you can wait 20 minutes, then its so worth it. It doesnt clog your pores, contains no dyes, perfumes, or oils, and covers amazingly. You need to Kabuki brush to get great coverage ... this too is a must but once you have this you will be impressed)

I do the same regimen at night but without the makeup of course. and often put on lotion 2xs before going to bed.

FOR MY BACK: I still get a few breakouts below my neck in the center of my back now and again, but this really helps. I put on BP 2'x a day. But I also use a spray of MURAD clarifying body spray after a shower in teh morning. This sprays, even upside down so it gets the areas I can't reach to keep them clear and it seems to work well. It is expensive, but lasts for a while, so I remmomend it. It contains salicic acid, but your back skin is so much hardier than your face, so I've determined that the use of BP and salicyclic acide on my back isnt irritating at all.

I hope this helps all the adult women out there who feal there is no hope. I know how embarrassing it is to be an adult and walk into a conference room for a meeting and have everyone there think you're a college intern because you have acne. But I really think this helps and hope it helps you too.

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