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Garlic advice, please

I've read tons about the wonderful effects of garlic applied topically. I've also read that it is great to eat raw... However, I'd really rather not smell like garlic day in and day out.

Does anyone have advice as to a good holistic brand of garlic? And do you believe I can still achieve health benefits if taken in capsul instead of raw?


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I eat raw garlic all the time and I never smell like garlic. Then again, it eat it with other foods, not by itself.

And I'm pretty sure garlic capsules are not as effective as genuine, fresh garlic.

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Garlic is very good for acne prone people, it stimulates the body to produce something (i forget what) that reduces sebaceous activity and acts as an antiandrogen

My advice is to apply iy topicaly and eat it :)

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Kyolic is probably one of the best brands for garlic supplements as I believe they keep the allicin still in there. You're only getting the health benefits from garlic when you chop, crush, or break the cloves, as it releases that allicin substance. If you can handle the taste, blend up:

1cup apple cider vinegar

1 cup honey

8 garlic cloves

and one table spoon I think twice a day with 8oz-16oz water. I made it, and whew could not stand the garlic taste.

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