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Yaz - Late/Missed periods??

I just finished my first month of Yaz and am now struggling to find $60 in the next two days to get my second pack :(

Aside from it being expensive, I like it so far. I just pray that it continues to work for me. I was on OTC prior to this, and it barely made a difference.. My skin would fluctuate by weeks as the dosage in the pills varied. Now, it's consistent. And that makes me smile.

Side effects? Dry eyes.. And it doesn't help that I almost never take out my contacts, to top it off. Drop in sex drive.. But, hey, small price to pay, I guess.

But for those of you who are on it, as well.. Have you noticed any changes in your cycle?

I came across some posts from health boards where people said it was fairly common for it to be late, but I'm on my third inactive and still no period. There's only four.

I always took it on time, everyday. So why worry, right? I was on antibiotics for a severe kidney infection, and it was recently brought to my attention -- AFTER having unprotected sex while on the medicine -- that antibiotics disable birth control. Thanks, Doc. Urgh.

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I am on my 6th month of YAZ. My periods never start until the night I take my first new active pill (sunday night) and the rest of the time I have had no problems.

The first month is never smooth sailing. I breakthrough bleed from the 2nd week through the end, after that it was no problem.

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