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I don't know if this has been posted before, but it probably has. So I'll just give you my take.

I have always been a fan of garnier shampoo and stuff they crank out because of its smell, but back then I used to get acne on my scalp and hair area as well as my face. Recently after I used up a bottle, I decided to try a different hair wash, so I picked up Head and Shoulder's classic clean.

Within 2 weeks I noticed I that I never got pimples on my scalp anymore, and one day when I ran out of face wash and was waiting on more to come in the mail, I decided to wash my face with the shampoo. Afterwards, my face was really dry, but I ignored that and just went to sleep.

After doing this for about a week, I noticed that I got a lot less acne that week, and it was actually during a frantic exam week too. So with trial and error, I began using it as a full body wash too, and to my surprise, acne on my back began to stop too.

Just want some opinions, perhaps someone else to try it and confirm my experience. There is something special about H&S that other shampoos do not, and that is that there is some type of active zinc in it....

anyhooo peace out

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