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Accutane in the Sun

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Would going to Hawaii over winter break be a big no-no?

mmmhhh... I wouldn't go... I'm scared about the risk of sun exposure...

but if you can't help going, be careful on applying a sun block very often and avoid the direct exposure. My derm told me about a man who was on tane during the summer and he was a fisherman, so he used to work on the outside. My derm just prescribed him a high SPF and explained him how often he had to apply it...

just talk to your derm... and BE CAREFUL!!!!

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yeah defo be careful

i had been on 20mg/day of tane for one week and i went snorkelling on the great barrier reef for 6 hrs in 40 degree Celcius heat...im very pale and prone to sunburn to begin with, so i made sure i applied high SPF every hr whilst i was snorkelling

anyways i thought i escaped sunburn but when we headed back to shore i realised i was VERY badly burnt...ended up having to go to the emergency dept of the local hospital with 3rd degree burns on my back, severe sunstroke/headache/vomiting...and the severe pain and peeling i had over the next 2 weeks was indescribable...even now, one month on, im still peeling in a minor way and my skin is quite scarred on my back

but yeah just try to stay out of sun a bit and wear high SPF

have fun!

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