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I have acne on my legs, what can i do???

Are you female? Do you wax your legs? They are most likely ingrown hairs if you wax your legs. Get some ingrow-go or something, also think about shaving and not waxing.

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all over my thighs. Red bumps, they itched, had pus. Looked like pimples. In reality, I think they were ingrown hairs or dirty, infected hair follicles. (I was a dirty teen)

Here are some steps you should take to clear those red bumps:

1. Regularly wash the pants you were most frequently (jeans, at-home PJ shorts, etc)

2. Use plently of bodywash (lathering type) on your thighs. Keep your thighs and crevices clean! You may even use your facewash on your thighs (if they have exfoliating properties)

3. Exfoliate with a scrub designed for the body. Or use a exfoliating glove (available in drug stores [safeway, london drugs, etc]) or body loofahs (www.thebodyshop.com).

4. Use some sort of moisturizer for the thighs.

Keep this up, and I hope you'll have clear thighs in a month or so. Since regularly washing my thighs and pajama shorts, I never had this problem again.

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My sister had that in high school too, but on her lower legs. She too healed it by exfoliating and moisturizing daily. I think she used the Aveeno cream with Oatmeal.

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