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Recipes that are healthy AND delicious (all of them)

Of all the recipes on the internet, I have finally found a list of recipes for all occasions which are ALL Delicious (they only publish the best!) and which are some of the healthiest out there.

All of their recipes are healthy; however you can pick which one suits your lifestyle. Subsitute grain based flour for potato or almond flour.

These recipes are published by Physican's Committee for Responsible Medicine. It is interesting to note that they are doing more work in the US to fight obesity, diabetes, bad cholesterol, high blood pressure and cancer than the FDA and other major groups "concerned" with good health.

They have sent out over 500,000 free booklets about nutrition to every doctor-in-training and physician in America because our own medical schools do not provide such training.

They have also started issuing an annual report card to more than 33,000 public elementary schools in the US... grading them on the quality dishes they offer.... Trying to wean the systems off of the staple of greasy cheeseburgers, french fries, ketchup and milk.

They also discovered the first cure for diabetes type II which made world news 2 years ago.

They have done more than our own FDA has done for us. :P


*Subsitute any grain-based bread for potato bread, which can be purchased at a health food store.

These recipes are surprisingly DELICIOUS!!! (all of them... not SOME of them).

You might be able to find some thankgiving meals to make and not feel guilty about ruining your complexion ;).

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