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Recently changed diet/Should I use topicals too?

I love all the information on this forum and have just recently changed my diet and lifestyle. I have moderate acne I'd say (oh I'm 21 BTW) and have had acne since I was 12. I have 2 younger brothers and they both have acne the same as me, so that leads me to believe it is genetic (well, obviously that is the number 1 reason you get acne.) It was really bad when i was about 16-18 but now it is getting less severe since I am getting older, at least I think that is why. I used to take antibiotics and I did that for about 2 years; it didn't really help much. I also have done Dan's regimen for about 4 months but it really didn't help much either. I've tried other topicals like Retin-A Micro but that just made it worse so i stopped. Up until about 2 months ago though I still always used a cleanser on my face, but after I ran out I stopped and I really noticed no difference.

Ok after reading this section it inspired me to eat better. I've always ate terribly aka fast food for the most part of my life and basically everyday. I also drank a LOT of soda everyday (like 3-5 cans) for years and never drank any water either. Last month I decided that I really needed to change my diet, but for health reasons not acne, I really didn't know it was connected since I never read these forums before and have always heard that it wasn't. Well now I know that it probably is connected so I am going to try and have the right diet to help my acne. So last month I stopped drinking soda and started drinking water instead. I used to eat ice cream everyday too but I knew it was unhealthy so stopped doing that. Now after reading this forum I am thinking about cutting out all dairy and all grains (that will be hard..) and of course not eat any more chips or candy or fast food. I'm hoping it will help with my acne but if not it will definitely make me feel better overall and healthier overall.

Haha wow I didn't mean for this to be so long... but anyway my question is should I use any sort of products on my face? I normally only get acne on my forehead (occasionally on my cheeks but rarer) and I always seem to have some whiteheads and red marks and bumps on my forehead everyday. My forehead is VERY oily and so is my hair. I recently started washing my hair twice a day which has helped with the oil in my hair but my forehead is still a mess. My hair isn't that long but it has grown out enough that it falls over 3/4 my forehead about and I am too ashamed to go get a haircut with acne on my forehead :( but once it isn't so bad I am planning on getting one which should help some with the oil. Ok I've typed enough thanks for reading this much and I hope to get some replies.

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Hey, if I were you, I would definitely get a haircut. I used to have bangs, but when I noticed that my forehead was breaking out, I just grew them out and that helped. Anyway, its great that you're thinking about making these changes, it really is better for your health overall, even if it doesn't affect your acne (hopefully it will). Just to point out though, when one comes across these new ideas and it all seems great, one has to remember that to make true lifestyle changes, one has to do it gradually. So in order to not get discouraged (i.e. drinking a can of pop, and then just going crazy with the junk since you slipped up with the pop) its best to cut the junk out over a period of time. Of course, if you can go cold turkey and stick to it, that's wonderful too. So back to your question!!! It really depends on each person's specific skin needs. I still use topicals, but if you didn't notice any difference between using cleanser and not, then maybe its not so necessary for you. However, I think it is important to use some kind of non-medicated cleanser, which brings you a lot of options. I think the best route to go would be to buy a non-medicated, natural, organic cleanser...one that you can find at a health food store or something. Sorry for the long response!

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