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its funny how ppl with acne like old stuff like games and consoles you dont hear you ppl mentioning the new ones like wii etc It's like that for me too..the happy times of my life was when sega,nintendo and tekken were all out.....acne sufferers dont really enjoy the present....sad that.

i have 2 friends that i introduced this game.

and they both formed acne from it.

and they are much worsed off than i am.

its a interested link between gaming and acne, but its really in the addiction that gets you out of everything else in life.

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When i started noticing acne was affecting my social life and preventing me from going out on weekends during highschool, I obviously needed something to occupy my time. Between alot of illegal activity on the net(I dont want to tell you exactly what Ive done lol), random browsing, self learning, and video games I spent over 90% of my highschool free time in my room on my computer, literally. I never kissed or hugged a girl until 2 years AFTER highschool. I was 20. Sad I know. The longer it went without contact with any females the more fearful I became of them and just the thought of ever having a girlfriend just seemed impossible to me.

My friend once introduced me to a game called Dark Age of Camelot that was previously mentioned in this thread. Its a MMORPG like WoW. I joined a few months after its launch in its prime and played till its death. I played on average probably 12+ hours a day, even on weekdays during school. I would stay up till 2-3am and then go to school exhausted. But even when I got home, aslong as I was playing I couldn't fall asleep. It was messed up. Its still running now but a shitty population. I can't regret playing it though because I did make alot of money off it selling accounts. We are talking a couple grand worth. I still play video games but mainly just online 360 games like halo3, cod4 or 4 player games with my buddies or my brothers and their friends. I may play alot of xbox but nothing compared to the amount of time I spent on dark age.

Im now 22 almost 23. Im on my 2nd month of accutane because I am absolutely sick of having acne. Its mild to moderate but still, its there every morning when I wake up. My 1 year anniversary with my GF is coming up this month, and I am much more comfortable with my acne however its not as bad as it used to be. But still it will prevent me from doing certain things.

So after looking back on everything, ya I missed out on life during highschool. However it would blow your mind how much I taught my self in those 4 years on a computer. I know them inside and out. I am fluent in just about every application you can name. I have access to download anything you can name for anything you can imagine. Not too mention how much smarter I am than what I was in highschool. Ya I may be older but the things I know i just couldn't ever had imagined me doing in highschool. I am now a computer animator.

Ok I am just rambling now.

Acne killed my teenage years, but secured my future.

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very interesting posts.

i wouldnt regret all the time i played, i'll learn on my mistakes i've made :)

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