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All i want to do is scream and let all this anger and frustration out. Yet all i can do is drown in my own sorrows. Acne is unfair, life is unfair. Why me God? i constantly find myself asking. Its just not fair. Honestly i don't deserve this, I have tried to be a good person. Why do i still have acne after all these years.

I have gotten so disgusting that when i feel like im not as disgusting as usual i think i actually look decent. Then reality sets in, Acne is gross, my face is gross. I have been holding on everyday on the thought of one day being acne free, but after 5 years faith is lost.

Show me the day when my face looks clean, and ill show you the day im happy, at least with my appearance.

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This ISan acne support forum, remember folks?

The day in and day out up and down of acne drives me mad as well, WishIWasClear. It's sometimes not even the acne itself, just how long the battle is that gets me down.

Keep talking, that's what we're here for. :comfort:

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I think someone needs a happy meal. :P

Acne sucks.. Ive had it for 9 years.. Seems like it will never end, but some day it will.

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