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lu lu belle

break out with nuva ring

so i started the nuva ring at the beginning of october. i had been pretty clear prior to that, and about a week after i inserted my first ring, i broke out in about 4 pustules, 2 on each cheek (which is not normally where i break out.) i assumed it was because of starting bc, and now i'm sure it is. i inserted a new ring last week, and 4 new zits again this week after being clear.

my question is, for those that have used nuva ring, did you experience the same thing? does it just take a couple months to get used to the hormone excretion? did you eventually not break out anymore, do you just deal with the break out, or did you come up with some sort of prevention method?

i do the dkr, so i've been applying bp like mad, and i remember reading somewhere that taking ibuprofen can help with inflammatory hormonal break outs, so i've been taking that too. any help would be appreciated!!

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Hi! I had this same thing happen .. except it was after my first full month on Nuva Ring. Prior to trying Nuva Ring, I was on Ortho Evra without problems. I was silly for switching!

Fast forward to now .. I have gone to the dermatologist and we are going to try Yaz and Sprionolactone. I'm and excited and nervous at the same time.

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thanks for responding!!

yeah, i'm going to give it another month and see if it happens again. i read through lion queen's aleve thread for hormonal-related breakouts, so i think i'll try taking aleve for the first week after inserting a new ring. hopefully that will help.

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