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Acidophilus a good or bad idea?

Hi just wondering if anyone has used acidophilus / other bacteria supplements to any good effect?

Having googled alot of positives i've begun taking a supplement I got in the local chemist that's got a combination of acidophilus and bifidus (4 billion) and prebiotics ("fructo-oligosaccharides" and acacia gum) 150mg each. Taking one a day with food. I haven't stopped my current reg or changed my diet much (primarily holistic / no junk- high in veg, fruit+ nuts, -gluten/dairy 90% gone, - still eating some meat).

Some sites saying good, others saying good but stops working etc. Anyone done it?

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I take it everyday.... sometimes twice a day.... I can tell when I have an over growth of yeast when.... yes I get a yeast infection "down there".... it burns and hurts like crazy.... if I dont take my probiotics for lets say two days....it comes back.... Sometimes I wonder if my body has the ability to make it's own good bacteria.... it scares me that I have to take probiotics to keep the yeast from overgrowing ALL THE TIME..... I"ve taken lots of anti-biotics in my lifetime though and I DO believe it's had a major impact on my health.....I'm trying to build my immune system back up.... In conclusion I would say YES probiotics are good... take em everyday if you need to.... if you are like me maybe you have an indicator as to when you need it most.

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i am taking one every day...acidophilus. i dont have any problem with my stomach or digestion since i begin taking it...and of course he is helping with something...

dont worry this is right ;)

be well

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Cool. Thanks folks! Gonna keep taking for now anyway for digestion if nothing else- think this could have a good effect on my skin and overall health. Luckily cos my mother was a nurse, in my family we haven't taken many antibiotics growing up -on her recommendation believe it or not - because she saw first hand the whole thing of resistant infections and people taking/being prescribed too many. They can have an adverse effect if over-used or depended on alright.

Magal dude your english is fine - just kick the smokes!!

Floats (non-smoker since October 2006 thanx to Allen Carr :dance: )

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