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Howde, right the purpose of this topic is to address the subject of effective topical treatments. If your anything like me, then you've probably spent hundreds on creams, lotions etc. without any significant improvements. A while back I went to a health spar to have laser treatment for my acne, and whilst the treatment in itself was a waste of time, one good thing did arise out of me going there. The nurse introduced me to this company called DDF, which is an acronym for the doctor's dermatologic formula.

This company is brilliant- they have loads of products to help you combat acne and they actually WORK because they've been designed by a recognised dermatologist who isn't trying to take advantage of your affliction. They have products that help you comabt active acne, like sulphur masks etc. and products that will help you deal with hyperpigmentation which I really needed after preventing my breakouts.

This company really is very good, so if you want to check it out, type DDF into google. Unfortunately they're main site is down at the mo, but you can view their products on other sites offering to sell them. They are quite expensive, I recently purchased a bottle of 10% glycolic acid for my red marks which set me back £30, about 55-60 dollars for you guys in the states, but you really do get value for money so I dont mind paying a bit more.

If you guys have already heard of this company, then I apologise for repeating old news, but for those who arent aware of ddf then seriously check it out as they do some great stuff.

Anyway, cheers for reading.

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