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Why me??

God help me.

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I've had mild to moderate back acne since maybe 2 years ago, then they were just small pimples which although left marks on my back/chest, the marks themselves were not disgusting or anything.

Then end of last year my face broke out horrible and so did my back. But it was more like a one-off severe breakout and since then I had a few cysts/nodules every now and then but things werent that bad.

But around 2 months ago my back and shoulders just went crazy. My chest is okay, only one or two cysts in a while but my back and shoulders.. damn. First it was a few cysts per week, but it gradually got worse. Now I'm having like 2 or 3 new cysts each day. My back looks like absolute shit.

I dont think I want to go to a derm. Last I went for my face/back the derm gave me antibiotics and BP, and I want none of those crap now. I've been putting apple cider vinegar (1 part ACV 1 part water) for 2 weeks now and it doesnt really seem to stop new acne from forming. I also started putting Dove shampoo with 1% of that zinc stuff on my right side of my shoulder and back and so far it doesnt look like its working.

What do you think I should do now?

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Well, because it is bother you you have a few choices. When i had my severe backne, I did nothing about it, It didnt bother me and I assumed it would just leave. Wrong! Now i have my back horirbly scarred, I can never take off my shirt again in public. So, just to caution you about not seeing a derm because back acne is stubborn, and you might want to see one after knowing i can never take my shirt off ;).

1) Use head and shoulders. Lots of people have had this work for them, try it out for a while. Most results are seen within 2 weeks.

2) Use a glycolic acid lotion and rub it into your back. It's what I am doing now. Most of my pimples are leaving,. I still have horrible red scars that are deep from the cystic acne I had.

3) Accutane. Accutane is like the only thing that would of been effective for my acne. My mom never took me to a derm, so i never knew about it, but accutane clears up most back acne for good.

Good luck man, back acne sucks :(

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What ingredient in H&S helps acne? I thought it was the zinc... which is also in the Dove shampoo I'm using now.

I wont go for accutane. I think its harmful to our body and I've heard quite some stories about it to put me off. I once contemplated accutane because of my face acne but thank god I didnt go for it as I was able to control my face acne thru diet and such. But bacne... shit. I dont know what to do, I'll try ACV and Dove for a while and hope there will be an improvement.

And I dont think there are many who have a more hideous back than me at the moment. If I were to take my shirt off in public people would die of shock. I dont even dare to show it to my mom lol.

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What I used to help clear my back acne was minocycline. It got rid of the cystic acne. Now i just use Head and Shoulders glycolic acid lotion on my back. My back is scarred, but for hte most part they are fading now.

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I wont go for accutane unless is absolutely necessary eg. I have new cysts everyday for weeks on end. Good news is that I havent got a new cyst since I opened this thread... maybe posting here helps my acne lol.

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i also think you should go to a dermatologist and get accutane, there really is no reason to be afraid of letting a doctor help you. except cost, that is. but if you have insurance it should cover dermatologist visits. 2-3 cysts a day is no good, and you really need prescription treatment.

if your acne is as bad as you say it is, you should be on accutane.

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