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I bought a moisturizer when I was on vacation... and this was the only kind I could buy.

It's called Suave Advanced Relief Skin Therapy Lotion.

When I use it, my face never gets dry and never flakes, but I'm worried it may be affecting my acne. I have Purporse Dual Treatment Moisture Lotion w/ SPF 15, but I would put that on, and 10 minutes later my face would feel tight and would flake.

My mom has dry skin, including Sjogren's Disease. So unfortunately I have sensitive and dry skin, and no moisturizer will last on my hands or feet for more than an hour. But this Suave moisturizer has worked well on my face, but I'm thinking it is probably having a negative response with my acne.

The main ingredients are: water, glycerin, stearic acid, mineral oil, glycol stearate, and petrolatum.

Should I find a better facial moisturizer?

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Hi, I find the same thing, most moisturisers just add to the problem. I found a great website after reading it on one of the posts. So thanks to whoever it was for putting it there. It gives you a list of common ingrediants in cosmetics, so you can check if they cause acne or irritation. Anyway, I found it really good, the site is www.zerozits.com Go to database and it'll have the list a-z for you to check. Good Luck

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Thanks fatman_uk, i think your the one i got the add. from, its great to see the products we put our hope into, actually are in some cases the cause of it. Thanks again

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Guest fatman_uk

Dan's e-mailed the writer of it tho cause he wants to know where she got her info of Salt bein comedogeni an irritant... i've heard that same thing from other places before so im sure its true.


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