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What Am I Doing Wrong?

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Ok, I can't really think of much more to do to help my skin.


-Wash face

-Take acne pill

-Take vitamins+supplements


-put on bp or moisturizer (I think the moisturizer may make me break out, but my skin gets pretty dry and I use it anyway)


-Try to touch face as little as possible

-No washing


-Wash face



-take acne pill

-apply bp if possible (not dry)

Diet-I think I could possibly improve my diet. I eat pretty healthily, but I sneak in some junk food here and there.

Overall, even with the few areas of improvement, My daily routine seems pretty well planned out, yet I still get more mild acne. This is getting really annoying. What am I missing or making a mistake on? Help!

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What pill are you taking? Your information is very vague, you need to give more details about the stuff and you are using and preferably pictures of your acne.

Also if you think the moisturizer is breaking you out, why are you still using it? Maybe change?

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A change of lifestyle and some BP is really everything you need in my experience. The change of lifestyle will minimize your outbreaks and the BP will take care of existing acne. I don't think it's a good idea to put too much on your skin. And the stuff you put on your skin should be pH-balanced. I'd take look at diet, maybe get a multivitamin/mineral, and start exercising three times per week at least if i were you.

On the matter of holistic health, if you have a problem with coffee as i did i would replace it with green tea instead. In my case, coffee would speed up my bowel movements which is definitely not a good thing. It upsets the water balance in the body and loose stools means they passed through the colon too fast which in turn means micronutrients were lost. Too much caffeine whether from coffee or tea is just bad -- interfers with the absorbtion of zinc, calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, as well as the quality of your sleep, all of which are important for your health. I would look into getting more food from the animal kingdom, eggs, meat and so forth... shockfull of all those nutrients you need to fight acne, while staying away as much as possible from white flour, sugar etc. which can only aggravate your condition.

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