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Relief for dry eyes

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Yeah, eye drops are a pain in the ass. Strangely enough, my eyes were really irritated at first and I had to use drops a lot, but I went off them a few weeks ago and I haven't needed it since. Which is weird, because my tane dose has actually gone up since then.

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The only thing I could suggest besides eye drops is eye ointment at night. :( OR see if your doc might consider prescribing Restasis during your course of Accutane. Restasis is still an eye drop but it increases tear production and is only used twice a day for most dosing.

Lacrilube is a great ointment that really helps dry, irritated eyes. It needs to be applied before sleep as it is so thick the vision will be blurry. A thin ribbon on the lower eyelid (without touching the applicator tip to the eye) is sufficient. I had to use Lacrilube myself for about three months and it was a lifesaver.

Another suggestion: drink a carbonated beverage very quickly! It makes MY eyes water and feel better for a little while. Also make sure you're drinking plenty of liquids on a daily basis as Accutane is incredibly drying.

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I use an eye bath. You get a little bath thing that you fill with fluid (much the same as eye drop fluid I guess) and hold it over your eye and move your eye around to cleanse it. I think it feels a lot nicer than eye drops and it washes them too!

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