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Hey eveyone, I'm new here. 21 years old, male, college student.

Here's the deal, I first started getting back acne about 4 years ago. Nothing major, just a few pimples here and there. But about a year ago, it got BAD. I'm starting to get scared - I thought it would just go away but now it's getting worse and worse.

I don't have access to my camera right now, but I'll try to post some pictures in the near future. Until then, I'll try to describe the situation...

-Acne on my mid to upper back, shoulders, and sometimes the back of the neck. (The strange thing is, I have ZERO acne on my face.)

-The pimples (or whatever they are) are mainly a very distinct, dark red color.

-I always have two or three severe sores that kind of "pop out." There is a small discoloration, like a pimple, but the skin is really puffy all around it. They are extremely painful.

-Usually every night there are a couple on my shoulders that seem to be "whiteheads." I pop them and some puss comes out, followed by a lot of blood. The next day the sore is still there.

I have tried creams and stuff, nothing has helped. I guess I'm looking for advice about what steps I should take to get rid of this (if that's even possible). I'm thinking I should probably see a dermatologist?

I'm so frustrated. I devote a lot of time to fitness and nutrition and have developed a very fit body. But my worst fear in life is to take off my shirt in public. I would like to know what it's like to not have that fear.

Thanks for the help.

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You had acne before on ur face?

Man i think i am kinda scare too , i been having little acne only a few... since age 15-16

i am 21 now , i still get acne on my back a few only.. little ones , and sometime on my face

still not getting worse....

Maybe is what you eating.. or allergic.. or something i don't know. you will get some help soon


But all i can say don't pop it.. will get worse!!!

and don't take off ur shirt cause it will go away

acne wont stay there for ever or will keep growing :D

someday it will stop lol

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Hi there; you sound like you just have a moderate case of acne on your back. A visit to the dermatologist is definitely in order since it sounds like you're frustrated, upset and the spots are painful.

In the interim, some small adjustments to your regimen may be necessary to help you out a bit.

What are you currently using? I do recommend a gentle cleanser, warm (not hot) water, and it also sounds as if you would benefit from benzoyl peroxide on your back. BP is antibacterial and helps take care of inflammatory acne. It's also a bit exfoliating, but not anywhere near as much as something like glycolic acid. Hot water is inflammatory; it increases redness and contributes to dry skin. Dry skin isn't healthy and heals with more difficulty. Adequate water intake is also important, particularly since you work out and most likely sweat.

A particularly painful pimple will benefit from some ice. Don't put the ice directly on your skin, but wrap it up in something and then in a plastic baggie to catch drips. The ice will reduce inflammation and swelling and pain. If you're not allergic, you can also take EITHER ibuprofen or naproxen sodium or another anti-inflammatory according to the package directions. If the areas burst open, after you wash them, apply a tiny dab of antibiotic ointment or cream and a bandaid if you can reach. If not, ask a family member to help. The bandaid will keep the ointment/cream in place, keep it from smearing on your bed sheets, and will protect the wound overnight from inadvertent scratching.

Another option is to use a glycolic acid product (Cleanser, perhaps) in addition to the benzoyl peroxide. People recommend Aqua Glycolic cleanser; it seems to be useful in addition to other products and sometimes is a standalone product for comedonal acne (which you don't have).

Anyway, I do wish you great luck! There are many regimens on these boards, just keep reading and looking around.

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I agree should visit dermatologist if is very bad

they could give you pills for it i think..

gonna get a dermatologist when i work

can't go there till i work cause i graduated.. >_<

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