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Question about working out and eating

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So my face has been clearing up quite nicely all I use right now is SA acne wash and Finacea. Today I weighed myself and realized I lost about 10 freakin pounds. This is in a large part due to the fact that I'm afraid to eat fucking anything.

I've been tested for allergies and know that I'm allergic to nuts, peas and soybeans. I'm not allergic to milk, wheat and pretty much everything else. Does that mean I can start eating those again? I just feel like milk breaks me out but then again I feel like everything I ate 3 months ago (my face was pretty bad) broke me out.

Things I know that don't break me out are: Bagels, Muffins, Meat, Bread, Chicken, Fish, Vegeatables, Ice Cream. I'm trying to put together a diet where I can gain some of my weight back but not break out. I feel like if I increase the calorie intake it will break me out though.

Lastly, how do I go about workouts, should I wash the sweat off or no, that would be washing my face 3 times a day which I heard is a no no. What can I do to not break out after workouts?

Basically all I want is to gain some weight without my face getting worse, I don't even need to workout because I never get fat, so the only reason I want to work out is to gain weight. Anyone have any tips?

I'm 5'10" 130 lbs so if someone could help me out with the calories that would be good. Seriously I would eat the same thing every day if I knew it was safe. Right now I'm thinking about 3 boiled eggs or an omelet in the morning with bread, bagel with cream cheese at lunch, muffin and an apple after school, salad before dinner, some meat or chicken at dinner, ice cream some time after dinner and thats it. Do you think that would be enough? I drink water with most of my meals, is there anything else I could drink? I also heard that frying is bad so does that mean I can't even make myself a steak in a frying pan? Thanks.

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