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Hey everyone,

I just came across this website as I was trying to find information on a good moisterizer for winter. As I was reading the message boards, there seem to be some enthusiasm for this purpose gentle cleanser? I've never really heard about this and haven't seen it at drugs stores (I don't think). I was wondering if this would be a good line to use during the cold Canadian winter months and where I could get it from? Is it sold in Canada?

Right now I am using proactive, it did work but now not so much. My face still gets breakouts (esp. when I'm stressed or close to my period). I need a cleanser that won't dry out my face and adds alot of moisture b/c winter is approaching. My skin tends to get very flaky w/ proactive in the winter. However, my skin gets extremely oily in the summer. I really have no idea what skin type I have b/c of the vast difference in seasons!!!

I've tried spectro gel cleanser and this did not work, instead it made my face worse. I'm afraid to try any new cleanser b/c I don't want to make my skin worse.

ANy help is really appreciated!

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hey the purpose gentle stuff works great for me, and i heard its highely recommended...im not sure where you would get it in canada though

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i live in toronto and wanted to try it before but its not sold in canada, sorry lol...but the spectro gel made your skin worse? its so gentle i love it....but anyways if your going to want to try it your going to have to go online and purchase it

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Yea I just bought cetaphil yesterday. Hopefully it will help. SO far my face doesn't feel dry or oily which is unusal for me. I hope it works for the winter months because my face gets extremely dry and then I break out!

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The purpose bar always broke me out. The liquid one worked great. I found that Johnson and Johnson head to toe baby wash (in clear pump bottle) has the same exact ingrediants, except for a little yellow dye, and it's more economical to buy it because you get much more for less.

My skin is extremely reactive and I've tried everything as a cleanser. The baby wash was the only thing that didn't create too dry skin, or cause me flare ups. I can wash 4 times a day in summer with it, and it will not trigger an oil field on my face. Because of this, I have problems than ever before, because I'm able to wash more without irritation. I now only get a few small pimples about that time of the month and that's it.

The only thing I don't like is, that it doesn't do so well at lifting out sebum. I couldn't use Dan's bp, but I have some here to use if I need to, but I think I'm going to use jojoba oil now, and pick up some of the moisturizer. I've tried every moisturizer on the market, and they always break me out. Hoping Dan's will help. :)

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