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OK! so ima just go ahead and do it...

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alright, so most of my pimples are going away, but what really bothers me is all the little dark brown spots left behind from the pimples...ive had them for years now, and i want to get rid of them. i think it would be good if i had a peel done, but im absolutely broke and i cant afford to get one from a dematologist, so i went to the next alternative....eBay :razz: , ive seen all the auctions for TCA peels and Glycolic peels, 10%, 50%, 100%, all sorts, but im wordering...are these safe, some show their diplomas and pictures of before and after, but idk if i would be able to do this, but im really desperate at this point. Im going to see some family this december and i want to look my best. So im asking you all for any advice, stories, anything that you think would be helpful to me.


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I'm not really sure a peel would help you with dark marks, since they are caused by melanin from what I understand. But maybe it would. I would definitely do your research because there are risks to consider when you opt for very strong peels.

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well im not really going for strong, mabye 10%, 5 if i can find it. i will do more research for this. I think i might also go to a dermatalogist for a consultation and see what would help.

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I don't believe acne marks are a pigment problem induced by a melanin change. In such an instance they would never go away on their own, oddly enough however some folks have had success with hydroquinone to rid themselves of the post inflammatory hyperpigmentation you are describing. Depending on the severity of the marks themselves a chemical peel may indeed speed the recovery. Chemical peels are only one way to treat PIH. You may want to look into the other following procedures...

Microdermabrasion - A method of skin resurfacing that uses an abrasive tool to exfoliate the skin. Not to be confused with the barbaric dermabrasion procedure.

IPL - Intense Pulsed Light is a method of using a laser like device to zap away the pigment. I actually had one done and noticed a modest improvement on my right side and a definite improvement on my left side.

NI - Near Infrared light is speculated to speed wound healing by up to 40 percent faster. The wavelengths penetrate to the subcutaneous layer and may in time fade unsightly marks. Worth looking into. Actually you can purchase your own unit. Standard Red Light at 660 nm can help too.

Dermabrasion - By far the most physically aggressive procedure aside from laser resurfacing to aid in the treatment of PIH. An abrasive tool will sand off the layer off skin with a sharp abrasive diamond tip. After a short period of time the spots will scab and flake off, letting new skin take its place.

There is more than one way to skin a cat here but just keep in mind the golden rule to these cosmetic procedures. The more invasive it is.....The more downtime you are looking at.

That's all!

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My understanding was brown marks are melanin changes, and therefore bleaching creams help with those, but red marks aren't. They are something different. I could be wrong though. I havne't done a ton of research on that.

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