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so i had to do a powerpoint presentation today

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And it didnt go that badly

So the story goes i hooked up with a chick beginning of the year, we split because she didnt have time for me...i took it badly and called her a liar among other things (not such a great thing to do). We are both enrolled in the same classes....luckily i only have to see her on the odd occasion. Came to the conclusion that i still have feelings for her...and i get the feeling she hasnt completely forgotten about me (at least i hope).

Had to do a 10 min presentation today, and just my luck i end up in her half of the class. What was worse was that her gf was there (first time id seen her), though on a good note i would have to say i am better looking than the gf so i guess thats something to be happy about?

The other crappy thing is that i have no idea who knows that we hooked up earlier this year and i keep getting weird looks from people :( i hope like heck shes not saying anything about me behind my back!

Sorry just felt like venting :( now im all anxious and stuff and i just want to go to bed because i only had 3 hours sleep last nite but my heart is beating too fast.

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Lol yeah, hindsight is a wonderful thing. Its funny how if someone says theyre not interested in a relationship I automatically assume they mean theres something wrong with me. I did apologise though :D several times, and i dropped off avocadoes and feijoas to her lol.

Its always nice to have the upper hand looks wise :P maybe thats pathetic and vain? i guess it depends on how much you value your looks.

Thanks for your post :)

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