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Why do Wednesdays always have to suck?!!

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I dont know why but every Wednesday my face starts to look worse, just as we are getting closer to the weekend when ill see my girlfriend and mates. On Monday i looked alrite, Tuesday wasnt to bad either and this morning i looked alrite. But as usual the Wednesday thing kicked in and i see a fair few spots coming, and one big one which i know is going to cause me problems over the weekend :( Why the hell cant i just look fine all the time, ughhhh!!!

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monday your skin looks good because of a good weekend rest!

monday tuesday are stressful and hectic causing you pimples on wednesday!

ah ha!

I was drinking Thursday, Friday and Saturday so i didnt really get a great deal of rest. Monday i didnt do anything, and i wasnt really sressed about Tuesday :( It annoys me so much that every week is ruined by this, why not let me have one week off for a change? or maybe the rest of my life free from this sh!t?

I was possibly going out tomorrow night, but now thats unlikely. I hate that i cant just say yes to something i want to do, i have to wait till the day to see how i look.

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yeah maybe its because of stress...like your stressing about not getting spots because you know the weekends coming up, and the extra stress makes you more likely to actually break out. bit of a vicious cycle. i swear i used to get that...i'd look fine, but remember that i'd want to look particularly good for the weekend because i was seeing someone i liked, and stress about not getting a spot..and then i would

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