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Is it possible to have a red tinge to the face if it is dry? My face gets very dry in the winter and is red, i thought it was rosacea but I dont think it is.

Also, what moisturizer would you guys recommend? Thanks so much!


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Could be.

I recommend Complex 15 for straight moisturization, Lac-Hydrin Five for moisturization plus exfoliation (nice for flakes/peeling), and/or jojoba oil for heavier moisturization or as an added shot to the Complex 15. Added aloe vera gel also can help manage any stickiness, shininess, or greasiness caused by these moisturizures and can make them more soothing.

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Cetaphil lotion plus jojoba oil, about 4 drops, took care of my flakes. I just use this at night and I use the ceaphil lotion by itself during the day. And yes, dry skin may be red.

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as soon as the furnace goes on in ur house the humidity gets robbed from the air and drops to around zero (literally drier than the sahara). get a humidifier for your room. as for lotion i use cetaphil cream (not lotion) which comes in a white jar for about ten bucks. its great. i use it every night before bed after washing face. and usually in the morning as well, although its a bit greasy so u have to have time to let it absorb then splash with water and pat dry.

only thing i dont like about it is that it has no sunblock, but the cetaphil lotion with sunblock smells nasty and makes my skin drier.

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