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How i got rid of my acne. mod/severe

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Might work for you might not, it all depends.

First of all im a 19 year old asian male, i had acne since 16, and now im 19 my face never looked better. I have semi-sensitive/semi-oily skin.

My acne was not caused by the following

Genetics - nobody in my family history has acne expect my cousin which is very very mild

Food - i eat junk food everyday its a habit i know its bad but oh wells

Hygenie - I shower 2 times a day and wash my face 3 times a day.

I feel my acne was first created by Hormones then it became more active as i got older because of incredible stress... (I was severly depressed for around 6-7 months after i been dump by my EX and school which led to more stress as i got acne).

So i began experimenting with Proactiv,AcneFree which i thought was horribly at that time.

Also used Tea Tree oil,had Laser Skin surgery,went on a Acne Diet,Dan's Regimen, Dermatologist, basically everything after using thousands of dollars on useless products.

I sat down and talked to myself why is this acne never going away?? I realized it was caused by stress, and realized i didnt use the right products for my skin. So i tried to stop thinking about acne itself.. which really didnt help, but i started using AcneFree Repairing Lotion (the 3rd step) and Clean & Clear Facial Wash (Orange Bottle) and Clean & Clear's Lotion Oil Free... It worked wonders...I realized anything with alocohol made my face red and flaky... So ya thats how i got rid of my acne. I had moderate/severe acne.

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