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Hi, I'm new and very confused!

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I need the advice to help me decision to choose right doctor.

I don't have acne anymore. I don't have so many acne scars, but can see some. not deep.

Plastic Surgeon Dr perkin- laser resuracing do once same time doing nose revision. will rid some of scars, but improvement most.

Dermatologist- he said will do 2 treatments of frazel2, then maybe do another one in 6 months later. 50% improvement, hopefully 75%.

I'm confused who to choose!

Please help!



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I have been told that laser is not a very good treatment for acne scars and it can lead to additional scarring and hypopigmentation. I have never had fraxel so I have no information on that treatment.

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I forgot to add . My dermatologist is Shideler from Carmel, Indiana.

I think the single best piece of advice I can give you is to research, research, research before you make any decision. These procedures can be a significant expense, and have dubious results sometimes or worse. Be patient, and put in some time doing independent research. Also, be aware that just because a doctor recommends something, it doesn't mean it is a good idea. Your experience with these two doctors is evidence of that. Unfortunately, a lot of doctors who specialize in plastic surgery are in it for the money and are highly profit-motivated.

Did I mention research?

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