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Same with me. Erythromycin did nothing. Personally antibiotics are a bad idea for treating acne (unless they are topically applied) because you are limiting the other good bacteria from doing their job...Besides after P. acnes adapts to the drug..guess what you've got? Extra hardy P. Acnes!

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antibiotics will onyl reduce inflamation, stopping bacteria to colonize the inflammation spot.

most of the time, alone, they we'll do just that :/

for some ppl that's enough. but for most of us, dont :\

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ethromyicin burned holes in my skin. looked like i had flesh eating bacteria or something. (but i applied it topically) my ABSOULUTE FAVORITE ANTIBIOTIC IS "ADOXA". but unfortunately i used it so long... now the p. ances is resistant (once again, i look like shit)

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Erythromycin is one of the weakest antibiotics for acne. Its effects will only last the most for about 3-4 months. I tried it before and that's the best it did for me. Some people don't even have any effects at all. The tetracycline groups antibiotics are better and stronger.

Doxycycline which is in the tetracycline grp actually sustained me for 5 years. As for the moisturizer, sorry can't help you cos I don't use moisturizer anymore.

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