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Help with my hideous face!

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Hi i'm new here.

I'm male and I don't know anything about acne or products that can help cure acne

My face has a lot of acne scars and my face feels really dry

As I said i don't know anything about the products related to acne i just use what I have.

I'm using clearasil ice wash and Tracia Teen, both of the products says it helps to clear pores but as you can see from the pictures my pores are not clear!!

I hope someone can give comments about my hideous face and suggest a suitable product/method! Thank you!







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Don't use that crap.

Ice Wash. GEEZ!

I want to know: have you ever had skin allergies, or seasonal allergies? Are you in general a very sensitive (not emotionally) person? Oily skin doesn't exempt (sp?) you from being "sensitive". ^_^ You say you don't know that much about skin-care products? Neither do I. And many of us here don't know much as well. It's all based on personal experience. READ the ingredients of your products, and search the forums for reviews or warnings. e.g. mineral oil is comedogenic.

So... back to your skin. You have a lot of clogged pores. I used to have a lot of clogged pores too. I stopped getting clogged pores (or less of them) when I quit using "acne" washes, ironically. I used one for problematic, sensitive skin. The wash is not the main fighter of my acne, though. (warm water is enough, in my opinion)

You may use Benzoyl Peroxide on the inflamed pimples, a little salicylic acid toner for the clogged pores, depending on your sensitivities. Basically, experiment with different products, and I wish you great skin!

btw, most skin-care products display their active ingredient and other info, so read, read and read!

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