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Body acne and prom dress

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well its not prom but its a formal and i have a spaghetti strap dress and all my chest, back and arms are showing with their horrible acne and brown marks. i love the dress but i didnt really think about that and the formal is tommorow. i have a shawl thingy to cover myself but when im dancing i dont want to have to keep it on. do i put makeup on my skin too? but if some one rubs on my the makeup gets on them. sigh, what should i do?

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I don't know if this will be much help, but can you get a different dress? Shift mini dresses are HUGE right now (and uber stylish), and they cover the chest and back. I think it would be better to be in a dress that you were totally comfortable rather than worrying about covering up your acne/marks.

Or possibly finding a shrug? but those arent as cute as the shift dresses


That dress with some black tights would be ADORABLE

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arrrrggh!! damn body acne..as if my face werent enough...i sooooo hear u! i remember my prom...while all the grls were wearing great sexi necklines and low cut backs..i was wearing a boat neck dress...but i played up my legs..my dress was awesome!!! and unique...point of my story..make the best of wat u have....wear ur hair down...put makeup on ur chest and wear ur shawl...and if u do have time to pick up a new dress do it...cuz i agree..its best to be comfortalbe than paranoid the whole nite...have a great time!

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i agree with white pony and jujilover, if you have time to get another dress, do it. you'll have a much better time if you're not worrying about people noticing your chest and back. otherwise, just do the best with what you have. if you can cover it up with foundation, do it, and make sure to set it with loose powder. try your best not to think about it. if you're confident and are just having a wonderful time, people won't even notice.

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If you do makeup, I recommend the MAC concealers. Maybe not acne friendly, but it's one night.

I once got some horrible bruises on my legs & had planned to wear a dress somewhere that would look dumb with tights, so I covered it with some MAC concealers & it wore well. The concealers are used to cover tattoos even, so they are heavy.

The key is to apply concealer, powder, layer more concealer, and then powder. Light layers & powdering in between helps it last & set so it doesn't rub off.

If you have a lot of acne then it is going to be hard to do. A random zit here & there would be nothing to cover with makeup, but if its a lot then you may want to think about a dress change or a cover up that you won't need to take off.

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Dermablend also works well with covering stuff on the body.

Thick shit, but it works

I have a tattoo on my back and I wore a halter dress around my grandparents and it covered it completely

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