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Spiro - how much do you take?? Thinking of lowering dose.

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Alright so i've been on spiro over 4 months now and a few things have happened.

1. No pimples.

2. Not ridiculously oily anymore.

3. My seborhheic dermatitis (sp?) is nuts. Same with my Keratosis Pilaris. So while i don't get pimples anymore, i get these KP bumps that look like acne.... YAY! I've always had the KP bumps on my face, only they were not coloured (now they're red) and my dermatitis is nuts, my skin feels so sand paper-y.

Sooooo... i'm wondering, how much mg is everyone on? I take 100mg a day (one pill). My mom's saying maybe i should break them in half so im only taking 50mg a day. But i'm worried about getting acne and oily again. In the meantime i'm doing everything i can to control the KP and dermatitis, it's been pretty awful lately. What's weird is i've read that seb. derm. and keratosis pilaris can be CAUSED by hormone problems, and with the spiro, you think that would have regulated it!

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Nope. I need to make an appontment, my blood test was just sent to them and i havent heard back, so that means nothig is wrong. But i'll need a renewal of my prescription. I'm a little worried about talking to her because if you suggest things, she gets kinda mad. Like i originally suggest spiro cause i heard about it, and then she was all like "well... you could try dianette, but if spiro's what you want, then take it yada yada" and i'm like "oh, what is dianette?" and she's like "well, you already made up your mind about the spiro!!!" Geeeeez lady. Anyways, i just have this worrying feeling that if i talk about lowering the dose she'll be all like "its not working for you! okay, you dont get a renewal of the prescription!" When it has stopped my oilyness and acne, just not solved all my problems.

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