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suggestions on how to mend this scar?

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Ok well about a year ago some dude tried to rob me. long story short i got hit on the face and received few bruisings and scrapes, well THOSE healed. that asshole must've had a ring on or something, that first punch took a good chunk of my skin off. i went to the doctors to see if i had any internal injuries, ofcourse he said no because i didnt get knocked out completely. so yeah no xrays or anything, but im okay after a year so i guess nothing major.

k, back to the scar. well like i said good chunk of skin came off and it was bleeding mad. so i was walking down the city with face full of blood. well the doc said it cant be stitched up because it was carved out or something. he wiped the scar down and told me to take care of it blablabla.

ok so the scar now as you might have imagined is indented reddish and very noticable still and it definiitely feels tighter around that area. it makes me very self-conscious and i sometimes think back to that incident. it pisses me off to receive a perm scar like that.

any suggestions on how to removie this type of scar?? i really dont know where to start

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Hi. I have a scar on my chin as well but i hope to get it surgically removed. Its been almost 2 years now since my incident (felt like an ice cream scoop was applied to my chin as I was missing that much skin). Anyways what I am left with is an area on the right side of my skin which is very dry.. I go see a plastic surgeon in 3 weeks for a consult. If you cannot get yours surgically removed then please check out www.bioskincare.com

The skincare cream has done wonders for some of my facial scarring.

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