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Jojoba oil

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hey everyone i've just started using jojoba oil on saturday just at night ... i usually have extremely oily skin and have used everything including accutane to try to tame my oily skin and acne - i normally do not get cysts but a lot of imflammatory acne and blackheads

So i started using jojoba oil on saturday night and woke up sunday with great feeling skin and looking better already. I also usually have redness across the nose and cheeks and even that seemed to have faded.

So i continued to use it while only using warm water and a moisturizer on top of the oil at night. So no cleanser or other topicals - my skin - in terms of breakouts, blackheads and pore size has never looked better - everything is being pushed up but forming into dry sebum plugs that i can just kinda scratch off if they dont come out by themselves ... but im having a major issue

I thought everywhere i read that jojoba oil is supposed to be a fantastic moisturizer .. but my skin is feeling and looking sooooo dry. And honestly I'm only washing with warm water morning and night and then put a few drops of the oil on at night - let dry - then apply my moisturizer that ive used for years.

-- anyone else have this happen - like even when i wake up in the morning my skin feels dry and tight and FLAKY!!!! i thought it was used in the regime was getting rid of flakes lol !!!!

Any feedback is greatly appreciate fron ppl who have tried it or use and continue to use it ... ive heard great things and in terms of the acne its fantastic but it's drying me out completely and i was sooo hoping this would give me the moisture and acne fighting power lol that i need !!!!

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I've been using jojoba oil for about two weeks now. I mix it with tea tree and lavender oils. It keeps most of my face moisturized, while drying out patches here and there, especially those where acne exists. I would think that jojoba oil by itself wouldn't dry, and I've occasionally used pure oil to moisturize dry patches, with success.

So ... hmm. What moisturizer are you using?

As a side-note, switch to cool or cold water; warm water always makes my face look angry and inflamed.

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First of all: are you using PURE jojoba oil? Also please don't tell me you are using the Desert Essence brand of jojoba. I've heard that brand has negative results....

i think the jojoba oil would work best for you if you stop using it in conjunction with the other moisturizer.

the OIL CLEANSING METHOD involves the gentl massaging of the oil into your skin, then a light steam with a warm washcloth draped over your face for about a minute. then you GENTLY wipe away any excess of the oil from your skin.

you don't need to wash your face with water first. the oils will cleanse AND moisturize your skin at the same time.

i've been using the OIL CLEANSING METHOD for about a month now and my skin isn't dried out.

however, if you feel you need more moisture than the jojoba oil is providing you with, you may consider trying camellia oil, hazelnut oil or extra-virgin olive oil instead.

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