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PhoeniX Skye

Red mark treatment during Accutane

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Hey people,

Just wondering, are there any products you would recommend for helping with the red/brown marks without interfering with Accutane treatment? I'm about 2 months into taking the drug... right now I use a cleanser and moisturizer.


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Im on a low dose of accutane and am currently using godiva skin brightening cream in combination with their fruit acid cream. It has worked to some extent (id rate it a 6-7/10) but it is expensive.

It would depend on your dosage of accutane as to what you can use.....the higher the dose the more fragile your skin and therefore that limits what you can safely use.

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I wouldn't use anything for the red marks until after you stop taking Accutane. They fade a lot on their own in the first few months after the treatment stops. First things first: make sure your acne is gone.

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It's because Accutane makes your skin more sensitive to anything and everything - the sun, creams, lotions..... Once you stop taking it, your body recovers and can fully resume the healing process. You're taking the Accutane to get rid of severe acne, but unfortunately it often has side effects - including increasing your ability to scar. It thins your skin.

Trying to treat red marks and scars while on Accutane is like fighting an uphill battle. There will be more and more of them until you're done taking it, so save your sanity and wait until then (preferably 6 months-1year after) to begin any invasive red mark or scar remedies.

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