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24 and on Accutane

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Well I have just finished my first month on accutane, well I guess it is actually Amnesteem, and I’m not noticing too much of a difference. I decided to track what was going on and hopefully this blog can help someone else.

A little background on me is I started going to the dermatologist when I was 15. I had horrible deep purple acne mostly on my forehead. The kind that is very pussy and nasty. I was started on antibiotics, tetracycline was my first, and stayed on them for about 7 years and stopped when I was 19. I also tried every topical and face wash under the sun, and while it did get better, my face was just never as clear as my friends. At the age of 21 I started proactiv and saw some better results then just OTC acne face washes. I was still seeing acne and clogged pores but I figured I would grow out of it, well I didn't and it only got worse after I got engaged!

Now i'm 24 getting married in a year and I want clear skin! I am sick of having the skin of a high schooler! So I turned to accutane which is basically my last resort and I am praying that I will have beautiful skin by my wedding next September!

Well to recap the first month I am a 140lb female and I was started on 40mg once a day on 10/4/2007. I use to use proactiv but my dermatologist told me it would be too harsh on my skin, so now I use Dove Cool Moisture foaming face soap. Right away I got horrible black heads all over my face. My chin, nose, and forehead were the worst. I have never had a huge problem with black heads like this so I think it is from stopping the use of an acne face wash. Then three weeks in to month one I broke out bad, I got about 5-6 deep cysts and they were swollen and hurt my face! Luckily I had a doc appt on 10/31 and she suggested I get injections in the largest cysts on my chin ….. BEST IDEA EVER! The next day my chin was back to normal and there was very little visual sign of the cysts! My only regret is I wish she would have done more. I wish she could have sent me home with a syringe of that stuff because it is awesome!

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Day 33

No real big or deep pimples today, my black heads are finally starting to clear up, but I can't stop picking the current ones I have. I have always had a hard time not picking my face; I do it now with out even thinking I’m so bad. Today at work I picked just about everything I could and now I am upset with myself. I don't think my face would look nearly as bad if I could just quit picking it, and this makes me sad.

I have not noticed any changes so far from increasing my prescription. But for the past week my lips have been peeling badly. They don't hurt at all and I keep loading up on chapstick, Burts, Aveeno, or whatever I have at the time so that is helping.

Can anyone recommend what their favorite lip moisturizer is?

Ok I’m going to write personal information now so if you only want to read about accutane you can stop now! So I have been engaged for just about 4 month now and planning has been stressing me out. Why do other brides feel the need to book up vendors so damn far in advance! With that being said I have been really stressed out about find a place to actually get married. We are looking at a Lutheran church right now but for some reason it just doesn't feel right nor does it have a center aisle! I'm sorry I only get to be a bride once I don't want to walk down the side of everyone and into the musicians. I am also having troubles getting married in a Lutheran church since I was raised Catholic, yet I don't want a Catholic wedding nor am I practicing any more ... so what’s my deal! My fiancé doesn't care what we do just as long as I’m happy, but I don’t' know how to make myself happy. I suck at making decisions sometimes. I'm sure this isn't helping my skin at all right now.

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Day 63

Sorry I haven't updated lately but Nov was very busy with submitting job applications, interviewing and getting rejected. So overall it was a pretty hard month for me since I want so badly to get out of this job. My job just wears me down and every night before bed and every morning I dread that I have to go to work. Yea I know "at least you have a job" but seriously I deal with very incompetent people all day, and it wears me out and I feel trapped here.

Well I just had my third doc appt and my medication was unchanged. Some of the negative things with this medication for me are that I’m still getting break outs, this past month I would say I have had at least two cysts and about 5 papules and about 5 pustules. Of course I have tried to pop/pick all of them. Sometimes it helps and sometimes it makes things go way worse. I also have been getting bloody noses. Not the type that just randomly bleed, but whenever I blow my nose it is always bloody and the mornings are the worst. I get headaches more and am more tired, but it hasn't stopped me from living my normal life.

On the positive side my face is slowly getting better and almost all the black heads have gone away. I had a huge outbreak of black head the first month and a half and now they seem to be almost gone which is great, and I hope it stays this way when I am done with the treatment. My skin is also never greasy anymore. Half way through my day my body/face would be so greasy. I use to use those Clearasil oil blotting papers like five times a day, and then when I got home I would have to wash my face. Now I feel good by the end of the day, no need to wash my face anymore then twice a day (morning and before bed).

I also had blood work done for the third time at my last appointment and they said if everything looks good, then I won't have to do it again. This will be nice since I got a huge painful bruise the last time they took blood.

So things are starting to look good, but I wish I could see more results from the bigger pimples. I am ready to look my age and to not have anything to pick on face (which makes me look nasty, yet I can't help it). I am also having trouble cutting down on my drinking, I have been getting better but now that it is cold and snowy all we do now is drink :naughty: . Hopefully I am not doing too much harm to my liver, and I plan on NO drinking this weekend so keep your fingers crossed for me.

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After being on accutane for three months now I am really starting to see it work. In the past month I had 2 break outs and very limited black heads. The skin on my face is starting to be very smooth other then the past scars I have from acne. My skin is also starting to get very dry and no lotions are helping, and I am getting nose bleeds very time I blow my nose.

The dermatologist also likes the results I am getting and my blood work is coming back normal, so they think I won’t have to do any blood work at my next appointment. This past appointment I had was very traumatic as far as taking blood goes. I have been told in the past it is hard to find a good vein on me but still everyone who takes my blood has been able to do it just fine in the end. Well today was different the first nurse stuck the needle in after searching and searching for a vein. Nothing was really happening so she kept pushing the needle in and out and twisting it, OUCH! Well she finally gave up and got another nurse, this nurse decided my had would work better … well same thing happened. She put the needle in and out of my hand and twisted it until she got enough out. Needless to say I needed to lay down for a bit when she was done as I was getting light headed.

Also, on 12/31 I had a birthday, so I am no longer 24 and on accutane, I’m 25! Due to the heavy drinking on my birthday I skipped pills both on the 31st and then again the next day on the 1st.


Well this past month has gone really well, maybe one breakout? No black heads! Life is great other then I am dry as a bone! My nose is still bleeding every time I blow it and that happens a lot with this cold weather. Every night I put Vaseline in my nose and that helped with the cracking inside my nose I use to have, but it doesn’t seem to help a whole lot with the bleeding. My skin also has a lot of random super dry patches. I put lotion on it and it doesn't help too much.

I am also getting really bad dandruff. I have been using head and shoulders shampoo and conditioner for about two months now and I still have it. I have never had this problem before so I can only assume it is the accutane. It is pretty embarrassing too since I have very dark hair and you can see all the white flakes. After going out to eat one afternoon I came home to see I had many large white chunks in my hair, I was so embarrassed yet everyone I was with said they didn’t notice. I am ready for this to go away.


I took my last pills today and I am super excited. I am ready for my skin to produce a little bit of oil and for my dandruff to go away and my nose to heal.

I have had the same results as last month, lost of dryness but no breakout! Hopefully I don’t have a break out ever again. The dermatologist said that if I get any big break outs to just call and she inject them for me again. So we’ll see how things start changing now that I am done!

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