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Mandy Ann

Top 5 beauty items you CAN NOT live without

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6. my fave fragrance in the world, 'acqua di gio' by armani. it smells soo freaken good and suits my natural scent so well that even tho its common as mud people compliment me all the time. been wearing it for years now and still havent found anything i like better. my friends girlfriend once told me that she wishes i didnt wear it because it makes her want to rip my clothes off and fuck the hell out of me.. awkward moment if ever there was one.. proves its nice tho.


acqua di gio is the shit - that's one of my favorite scents for men.......

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4. gillette sensor excel razor. old school one with only two blades

That's the razor I use too, and just the 2 blades...men's razors are just better.

Oh yeah, I have to agree with the tweezers everyone is listing...that probably could replace my mascara in my top five, as groomed brows do more for my face & eyes than mascara.

When I started shaping my brows at age 14 people actually commented on it. A boy at my school was like "Wow, you look different!", in a nice way. When a 14 yr old boy notices your eyebrows, then that means it made a big difference :D

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1) The bodyshop's aloe calming toner- my skin is hydrated because of it

2) Neutrogen Ultra sheer sunblock SPF 55- I swear I got fairer because of this

3) Clinique's airbrush concealer- Can't do without it otherwise my dark eye circles will show

4) Water- as in plain water, can't drink less then 10 glasses per day, my body will feel weird.

5) FOTE aloe vera gel- its good for elimintaing dry skin.

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i wont put the brands o what i use because that varies depending on how my skin is...

my fave 5 things i cant live without are:






hair straightners

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1. Everyday Minerals Multi-Tasking Intensive

2. Everyday Minerals Multi-Tasking Concealer

3. Oil Absorbing Sheets!

4. Lip Balm (EDM or Chap Stick)

5. Maybelline Great Lash Mascara in Brownish Black

These are in order too, so if my foundation/concealer is not there to cover the blemishes, what good is it to have fabulous eyes/lips?

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I presume this isn't including face washes and what not? 'Cause those are

no fun :lol:

1. Cover Girl Mascara, either Lash Blast or Volume Exact

2. Chapstick

3. Oil absorbing sheets

4. I suppose I technically use a curling iron everyday, because of my unfortunately

straight hair :wall:

5. Tweezers :D

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01. EM's tinted silk dust.

02. EM's sunday brunch blush.

03. vanilla chapstick chapstick brand!

04. soft pink nail polish.

05. EM's medium beige neutral in matte foundation.


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1. Curling Iron

2. Clinique Continuous Coverage Foundation

3. Eloi Slant Tweezer (The best tweezers in the world!)

4. Kryolan Supracolor Foundation in white as an undereye concealer (Just for really pale girls).

5. Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler

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1. Moisturiser - whatever brand i'm into atm

2. L'oreal infallible foundation

3. Yves Saint Laurent lashes faux effect cils mascara

4. MAC glimmershimmer 'ritzy'

5. GHD hair straighteners

Most days that it all i use out of the shower

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1) Sweet Almond Oil- I use it cleanse and on my eyelashes and to moisturise my body.

2)Weleda Skin Food- lovely rich cream, more like a balm

3)Mascara- brown and I try to use ones not tested on bunnies, I have deepset eyes so I always wear mascara.

4) Spf- always wear at least factor fifty (it's the polish and scottish genes)

5) OPI nail varnish- currently wearing Russian Navy, t'is gorgeous

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This is fun:)

1. Revlon Eyelash curler (my lashes are so straight)

2. Clinique Mascara (can't remember which one) in Black

3. Lancome Lipstick in Rose Fleur

4. Lip gloss-I have several

5. Stila Eye Shadow in Kitten

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I think I might have answered this before, but it was probably a long time ago, so here is my new list:

1-MAC painterly paint pot

2-clinique all-over face color in posy

3-MAC shroom eyeshadow

4-Cliniderm cream

5-Maybelline full n soft mascara-brownish black

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This thread reminds me I need to defuzz my eyebrows . . .

1) funky glasses

2) hair bands

I don't really have 5, so I'm going to steal a bunch of yours!

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What a great idea :)

I definitely don't have 5 specific things I can't live without... I may end up being in love with Everyday Minerals, but am currently in the "testing" stage... I am very much NOT used to wearing any sort of foundation!

So for now, my three:

1) Maybelline Full & Soft mascara in Brownish/Black - Okay, I just find it hilarious that 3 or 4 others of you in this thread love this mascara as well! I have very fine, pale eyelashes... when I was first trying mascaras I remember being so frustrated at how gross and clumpy basically every single mascara made my lashes look. This one, however, is so much simpler and "healthier" looking really! It's not all clumpy, and my lashes don't feel "crunchy"... admittedly I've never tried a department store brand mascara, but this one is so wonderful I truly don't see a need.

2) Almay intense i-color eyeliner in Raisin Quartz - This is from the line of eye makeup that's supposed to coordinate with different eyecolors, and I have no idea what eye color this is supposed to go with - it works very well on me though! I used to use darker eyeliners before realizing that a softer color (this is a nice plum/brown with a hint of shimmer) looks much better. Anyway, I love that this eyeliner is creamy in texture, so I don't have to scrape it across my eyelids like a lot of eyeliners, and it's the "twist-up" kind which is ideal since I could never get the hang of sharpening eyeliners without breaking the tips off!

3) Blistex Complete Moisture lip balm - I don't wear this every day, but when my lips are a bit dry, this is the perfect lip moisturizer! Unlike Chap Stick and whatnot, it actually makes my lips feel moisturized, which is really the point, right? When I use a different lip balm now I'm always surprised at how non-moisturizing they really feel in comparison... very strange!

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1. burts bees body wash (the ginger and something else one...i think there's only one) (gets me clean and smelling fresh and leaves skin soft too)

2. ralph lauren rocks perfume (smells SO good)

3. mascara (simply god's greatest gift to women :D)

4. 10% benzoyl peroxide (self explanatory, got rid of my pimples)

5. aloe eye cream (takes away the morning puffiness and flakiness)

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1.Tweezers. I got the Brooke Shields Thing going on.

2. Aquaphor. Hands, Feet, Body and dry spots on face. I have this stuff everywhere. Car, purse, Nightstand. Saved me once from a bad Chemical burn.

3. Lancome Defincils Mascara in Black

4. Lancome Teint Idole Ultra in Buff #2 (Last all day, matches me completely, covers acne)

5. Lancome Artliner in Noir. The Perfect Precise Black liquid eyeliner for upper lids. I buy them two at a time so I'm never without.

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1. Everyday Minerals - Cool Multitasking Neutral with the Flat Top Brush. makes my skin look amazing

2. Monistat - Chafing Gel...used on my face to stop the oilies. Really helps with my skin, doesn't break me out, and its cheap! Its awesome!

3. Olay Body Wash in Lemongrass and Grapefruit - Keeps my skin nice and soft, and I looooooove anything Citrus smelling...

4. Aveeno - Body Lotion with Soy(helps hair grow thinner) - I use this daily on my legs..and it really, really helps the hair grow back slower and thinner. For this reason, I don't have to shave nearly as often as I used it.

5. Vaseline - Intensive Rescue Healing Hand cream. If I didn't have this, I'm afraid of what my hands would look like. My hands get sooooooo incredibly dry in winter, where they start cracking and bleeding. This, so far, has been the only cream I've found to really help, without being overly greasy.

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Not including my cleansers and acne meds. Not in any order.

1.Tweezers! Oh lordy what would I do without tweezers.

2. Full N Soft Mascara. I finally found it at the store and I love it. Especially now that I learned not to pump the brush lol.

3. Chapstick. Burts Bees, Alba Hawaiian, or EM's in Natural.

4. My Everyday Minerals, ooooooof course.

5. Black Khol eyeliner.

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I love threads like this!

1. Everyday Minerals foundation- It really has done a lot for me, for the first time in years Ican look like I have almost flawless skin. It's really made me feel really good about myself, Ilove the coverage.

2. Mascara!! in general- I ADORE mascara it is my favorite cosmetic item. it really makes a difference on my appearance, by making my eyes seem bigger. ATM, I'm using Neutrogena's Healthy Volume Mascara and it's perfect!

3. chapstick- to keep my lips moisturized.

4. flat iron!!!- what would i do w/o mine? it makes my hair beautifully straight and managable. i use Remington's Wet2Straight and really love it.

5. Booth's Almond and Honey Body Butter- It'd extremely moisturizing and thick, and the scent it really lovely. It's great for when my feet and hands get really dry in the winter.

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1. EDM Foundation: Even skin tone is a MUST.

2. MAC lipstick: I <3 Viva Glam #5

3. MAC's black waterproof eyeliner: To make my eyes pop!

4. Prescriptives Flawless Skin Total Protection Concealer SPF 25 (Level 3)

5. BE's all-over face color in Warm Radiance: To give some color to my complexion.

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