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dairy body odor

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anyone find that dairy gives them body odor as well as other processed or junky foods?

a little while ago, i cheated for a few days eating cheese, milk, etc and my body odor was noticeably growing worse. i find that when i eat mostly vegan and mostly whole foods i have very little body odor at all. somedays i dont even need to wear deodorant and i used to have bad breath and now i dont have bad breath whatsoever. i just feel much cleaner inside and out.

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This is probably true, but going vegan is not necessary to get rid of body odor. When I avoid the foods I am allergic to (wheat, and corn mainly) and avoid milk because I am lactose intolerant, I have absolutely no body odor. I thought it was because of the meat and protein that I eat, but maybe it isn't. I can run and break a heavy sweat, and there is still no body odor. Nobody in my family has bad B.O., but they all still have to wear deodorant. I have not put on deodorant in over 6 months, I can't really remember the last time I used it. I also shower every other day, and lately have not been using soap, and it makes no difference. I have noticed if I drink alcohol, it does come back slightly, not terrible, but if I smell my armpit, it is noticeable.

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yeah the last time i drank a lot of beer, i got a good bit of body odor from it. interesting.

yeah i don't even use soap anymore. my showers are a lot quicker and i don't feel gross if i skip a day (unless i had work). my hair is also a lot less oily.

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You know what is interesting. The herbalist I saw last week was telling me the main toxins there are in the world today.

He said something like 50% is the cars and pollution or whatever, and that like another 40% is the food/drinks we consume, and the gross part is that he said that the last 20% is the actual people that are full of toxins.

I tutor students, and I have this one particular girl that always has a foul odor to her. I think there are toxins coming off and that's what the smell is.

I don't mean to sound stupid, but I never thought of it that way.

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