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Aloe Vera lotion for dry acne prone skin

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Like many people on the DKR I found out that Dan's moisturizer is not for me. So I've been looking around and tried several things, all of which break me out on some level. So I now want to try something natural.

A local beauty shop here has a whole line of Aloe Vera face lotions and whatnot ranging from 70% aloe to 99.5%. I think the cream would help my dry skin but I don't know which strength to use. Is starting light and then working up always the best idea? And has anyone had success with this when ALL other moisturizers have failed?

Thanks for reading

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Aloe Vera Gel is great an excellent skin product for those who suffer from skin problems.

I wouldn't suggest the cream since it's a thick mixture and could cause clogged pores...

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AVG is awesome. One of the best natural moisturizers I've found. Try and get some that is as pure as possible. It does more than just moisturize. It also acts as an anti-inflammatory among other things that I can't presently recall. :doh:

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I use it all the time. You should notice in addition to moisturizing, it also helps heal your red marks faster. However, as the winter comes around and the air gets dryer(or my face anyways) i find that adding a few drops of a moisturizer helps. Once it starts getting dryer i probably go 70% AVG and then 30% of Dan's moisturizer. It's quite a bit cheaper and it works well for me.

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