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Two spots erupted

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Had these two bumps on the side of my face for one week and they only seemed to be getting progressively larger even with the use of the regimen. Last night they were both quite large and noticeable and at a head. I decided to pop both of them and even though they have flattened down they are extremely red. Whenever I pop a zit blood comes out with the puss. I never have just a "normal" zit. They are always the deep and scarring type. At the moment I have two advanced healing band-aids over top of them. I have left these band aids in place for two or three days at a time. I have even gone to work with them and fabricate some story but now its gotten to the point where everyone knows I suffer from severe acne. Anyway these band-aids are my saving grace as they help the area heal and prevent long term scarring. Once I take the band-aid off the area its still hyperpigmented but just takes some cover up to make it look like it never happened...almost. Has anyone ever used these miracle workers before? I honestly don't know how my face would look like if I didn't discover these things.

Here is a link:


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im going to pick up some of those and put them on my face at night. i only get cystic acne also, i dot get normal acne. sometimes when one of my cyst eruptes i put a bandaid with some neosporin on it.

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