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Jen's Holistic Log

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Stress thing is getting a little better. I find that aslong as I have enough time and prepared in advance for thing... I stress less. I just need to adopt one of those go with the flow atitudes.

I have a dentist apt this morning. After that I plan to work out and go to work. My eating has been pretty good. I saw my boyfriend on Saturday and we went to get a drink in the afternoon and he ordered tortilla chips with avocado dip. I had a couple to humor him. Then at dinner I got chicken and veggies. Got home around 9:30, in bed by 11:30, what a life haha.

My skin has a hard whitehead on the other side below my lip. Thank god for mineral makeup because it is like a magic eraser. Minor pimples usually last for 3-4 days and red marks go away in another week. I used to have them linger for months. It's probably my diet that is helping the healing process.

A conclusion: diet does not cure acne, it changes the form of acne you get. When you are eating an overall clean diet, the acne is less inflammed and heals quickly.

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So my skin is aggravating me again. I am mysteriously breaking out on my right cheek. I've had these red bump like things that get a teeny whitehead in the middle and aren't raised much or inflammed but pretty darn red! I'm guessing they will go away and not leave much of a mark but geeeezzz....

My stress sky rocketed today at my lovely morning dentist apt. The hygienst apparently thought I wanted a rough manhandling experience. She yanked my lip in every way, popping my pimple under the lip, I left with a red circumference around my mouth, chin, and lip. It's crazy! I was soooo pissed I couldn't stop venting to myself. Luckily I was able to go home and wash my face. But dang!

Other than that I didn't stress too much.

I ate well today:

breakfast: egg/peppers/tomatoes/avocado/onion

snack: pecan raisin bread with almond butter

lunch: turkey salad

snack: blueberries and walnuts

dinner: fish, broccoli, and sweet potato

oh and some dark chocolate inbetween there :whistle: But I don't think that can seriously make or break my skin. I exercised a little and tried to be positive.

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So it's revenge of the evil pimple every single Saturday. I got another pus filled whitehead now about 2 centimeters from my right corner lip. I just popped it 30 minutes ago because it looks real nasty and i'm going out later. Over night another red spot came up on my right cheek so I'm looking pretty yucky right now without makeup. Yesterday the same kind of red spot came up on my right cheek, but it's already going away. I don't think the red spot like things that come on my cheeks are a big threat but i hate these pus filled pimples because they leave behind a temporary red mark.

My diet has been exactly the same. I have the same breakfast, snack, lunch everyday. My afternoon snack is usually apples, walnuts, blueberries, or carrots. I treat myself to a little dark chocolate after lunch, which is the worst thing I do and its 85% cocoa so it shouldn't be bad.

I have been having a mushy bowel movement everyday for the past week or so. I guess I am just grateful to go. The only thing is that my stress levels are high. I feel like i don't have enough time for anything anymore. My routine takes up most of my time. Constantly restocking on groceries, preparing meals, washing my face, applying topicals and lotions, exercising, getting enough sunlight, etc. Its a 24 hour job. I am neglecting my friends and boyfriend because of it. I am not going to complain because I know it's good for me... BUT i'm putting so much in and don't feel that i'm getting much out. Maybe in the long term I will feel differently.

Anyways, just another bad skin day is what today is.... arrrgghh it doesn't stop. The only way I feel like I will conquer acne is to just stop caring and accept my skin for what it is.

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Hi Jen,

It's really frustrating when you're eating a healthy diet and still breaking out. Nuts can be a trigger for acne, even walnuts and almonds. You should try cutting those out for a while and see if that helps.

I'm in the same shoes. My skin consumes my life! I spend most of my time caring for my skin (grocery shopping everyday, topicals, etc.) and it sucks but hopefully it'll be worth it. Hang in there.

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I know I haven't written in here for a while. My skin really sucks. I don't know what to do anymore. The whole diet/topical/good lifestyle thing was working great up until February time. Now I have these red spots on my cheeks that pop up everyday. Granted they go away in about 1-3 days, but it's never ending. My chin has been acting up too. I thought the mineral makeup would be nice to cover here and there pimples but I never imagined I would be using it EVERYDAY. I guess that's why they call it everyday minerals.

Right now my skin on my cheeks are really dry and peely. I have been using less tazorac but I have to admit that about 1-2 weeks ago I was going overboard with the topical. Maybe that is what is causing my breakout on my cheeks. I know I'm going to breakout here and there but this is crazy. I am eating to the T. I try to exercise everyday. I haven't had the best stress relief though. I stress when I stress because I'm afraid of breaking out. This is all so stupid. I never used to be so obsessed with my skin, diet, sleep patterns, etc. It's taken control of me and I am it's slave.

Anyways, I guess that won't help the situation to complain. Some things I can add to the journal is that I started taking carlson's fish oil about 4 days ago. I'm still washing twice a day and using the olay in the AM and cetaphil in the PM. My skin sheds a lot more than it used to. I am constantly peeling dead skin in the shower and during my afternoon wash. I think the cheek spots are due to dryness and irritation.

A basic food day goes as follows:

wake: ACV

breakfast: egg/onions/pepper/tomatoes/avocado

snack: slice of gluten free wheat free brown rice bread with almond butter

lunch: ACV then a salad with olives, avocado, carrots, cucumber, turkey, olive oil, no raisins anymore

15 min later: small piece of dark chocolate

snack: apple with blueberries

dinner: salmon or white fish or chicken with spinach or broccoli and usually a sweet potato

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you must still be eating something that you're allergic to. cut out the almond butter, bread, acidic fruits, chocolate. include a lot more of beta-carotene rich foods into your diet.

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Thanks magic! I have eliminated the nuts/seeds/and breads

I am going to experiment a little. I have nothing to lose except these snnoying red bumps on my inner cheeks. I noticed that my skin is a little oily onmy forehead and nose area. So I only rinsed that area with water. I am not going to wash my entire face until I take a shower tonight. There is no reason to wash dry scaly skin twice a day. That tells me I am irritating the area, rubbing it, and then moistuizing it with lotion when it can just be left alone and have my skins natural oils.

I am also weening myself off of tazorac. I have become a fanatic with it and I don't like the way it makes me so red and peely. I will use it correctly.

Let's see how this works! I will be my own judge of if I think I need to wash once or twice each day.

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Things I've changed in the past month:

1. switched to turkey breast deli meat with no salt added. The only ingredient besides turkey is water.

2. using ghee to cook my eggs with instead of olive oil.

3. using carlson's liquid fish oil instead of the capsules that contained gelatin.

4. stopped eating walnuts. slowed down on my almond butter intake

5. stopped the bread and sweet potatoes.

to be continued.....

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Well, It looks like my cheeks are starting to normalize again. The left looks better than the right. I haven't applied taz for the past 3 nights to the cheek area. I did get a clogged pore below my lip and I picked at it last night. It's a whitehead but a smaller version and no pain.

I feel really good about my stress levels lately. I got a massage on Tuesday and wow what a difference in my anxiety. I have not consumed sweet potatoes or the gluten free bread in about a week. I think I have a good regimen going here. What's good, is that it is a lot less maintaince this way. I can actually have more time for other things!

Well see how it goes...

oh, and btw: after my breakfast of 2 eggs, onions, and tomatoes all sauteed in ghee. I felt amazing and noticed a sense of tranquility. Weird!

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Well, It looks like my cheeks are starting to normalize again. The left looks better than the right. I haven't applied taz for the past 3 nights to the cheek area. I did get a clogged pore below my lip and I picked at it last night. It's a whitehead but a smaller version and no pain.

I feel really good about my stress levels lately. I got a massage on Tuesday and wow what a difference in my anxiety. I have not consumed sweet potatoes or the gluten free bread in about a week. I think I have a good regimen going here. What's good, is that it is a lot less maintaince this way. I can actually have more time for other things!

Well see how it goes...

oh, and btw: after my breakfast of 2 eggs, onions, and tomatoes all sauteed in ghee. I felt amazing and noticed a sense of tranquility. Weird!

Yaaay!!! I'm so happy for you! :D

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Alright so with all my frustration of acne lately... last night while long range golfing.... my boyfriend decided he was going to show me how to hit... he swings the club up and over his shoulder and BAM hits me in the forehead. I have a red lump now that resembles a cyst or nodule. I can't win. That is the ultimate cherry on the sundae haha.

I also went to this restuarant called melting pot with him. I didn't realize that the smoke from the pot would be so intense. I felt saturated in it on my skin by the time we left. He luckily saw that I was tired around 11 and left so I got to sleep around 12 and now I'm up at 7:30.

My skin is very dry and peely everywhere. The inner cheek dead skin came off but is still very dry. The thing I'm trying right now is less tazorac (none on the inner cheeks), rinse with only water in the AM and moisturize if needed and shower at night without washing my face in the shower (because i'll start rubbing the dead skin off). I just overall think that the bumps I'm getting is due to irritation and dryness. I am planning on calling my old derm tomorrow morning to get tazorac cream samples and hope that does a better job of spreading a PEA size amount. Plus it will be more moistuirzing.

I am doing the liquid fish oil, cod liver oil (carlsons brand should be coming soon), and 4 servings of olive oil a day. I figured it can't hurt to try and if I gain some weight out of it, well then great. I also am concerned every morning thar I wake up that I am loossing more and more weight. I think my body might be in keotosis from not eating enough carbs.

My goal is to get my skin normal again. Where I only have to moisturize at night and it doesn't look like I'm on a 100mg dose of accutane. To think about my skin like a normal person thinks.

My menstral cycle has been off. Since I started continuously taking the active pills. I think I am going to go back to getting my periods because I don't like the periodic spotting.

So anyways, that's been what's going on. I hope it gets better soon and I'll keep you updated!

Just so I know:

I've been drinking 1 glass of wine per week (no other alcohol)

the only naughty food I have is dark chocolate and at the most a half serving size

It has been really really hot here lately (like 90 degrees)

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Well, I have stopped rubbing and abusing tazorac since last Saturday. I have added liquid fish oil and upped my oilve oil to 3-4 tbs. I have taken out the gluten free bread and sweet potatoes. I ate my first meal with meat since forever ago. I noticed how fatty it was, and I felt soooo relaxed and awesome afterwards. Even this morning I was still calm and did not wake up starving. I have not had a huge stress episode either. I know it's only been 4 days and I have to be patient.

But my right inner cheek is just gross. It is bumping and red. I hate looking at it. I have a straight line of pimples under my bottom lip. Oh and I even have a pimple on my lip! I thought that was enourmously weird! But it's going away.

I am going to cut out eggs for 2 weeks starting tomorrow to see if it's an allergy for me. I think that fatty meat like beef, lamb, and pork might actually be a good thing for me to add in. It def agreed with me last night. I also am reducing the dark chocolate from 4 squares to 2 squares and my salad dressing I have reduced to half the amount.

My liquid cod liver oil has not come in yet. I am hoping it will soon because I think the one I've been taking is rancid.

So all in all, I am really trying to have a positive attitude about all of this but all the confusion and bad results have driven me to the looney bin. I hope I can overcome this mentally and physically sometime VERY soon. I pray :angel:

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Okay, so no eggs for me this morning. I am eliminating them for 2 weeks to see if they are causing my inner cheek acne.

Oh, and on Monday I switched the taz gel to the taz cream. Boy, it is wayyy easier to spread. I have had no problem using a pea size amount :D

The clogged pores below my lip seem to be just hanging out there. I was almost 90% sure one of them was going to inflame, but nothing yet (knocks on wood).

So with NdRomeo's regimen, I am suppose to take chromium, E, C, and calcium too. I am weary of adding more supplements.

My bowels have been consistent. In face, I have been getting the urge to go in the evening but no success yet.

Anyways, just want to keep updated. The only other food I have a suspician for is blueberries.

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have you considered washing your face only with water? I've noticed that a lot of people on the caveman diet drop all cleansers and end up doing well with both regimes combined. It sounds like your face has as lot of ups and downs. Might be good to try something more simple in the future.

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Yeah, I've been only using water in the morning and using a gentle cleanser at night. I think it's important to wash at least once a day with a cleanser to dissolve the dead skin and sebum.

Today I broke my routine diet. I had only sauteed veggies with olive oil this morning. Then for a snack I had raw veggies and avocado. For lunch I had 95% lean grass fed beef with no bun and a salad with 2 tbs of olive oil, carrots, cucumber, and onion. The lettuce was dark dark leaf. I then had my 1 tsb of cod liver oil and zinc supplement.

Tonight I am going out for dinner. I will get the healthiest thing on the menu. Oh and I used even less dressing in the salad and had only 1 piece of chocolate.

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Thanks wildflower ;)

Alright, so last night I went to dinner and was so extremely hungry that I could have eaten anything you put in front of me. I didn't order alcohol (that's good). I got the halibut. It came with spinach and broccoli in this creamy type of broth. There wasn't a lot of the veggie but I ate what I could.

My night time wash last night could have been more gentle and the shower not so hot. But I still didn't rub (too much) and I used only a pea size amount. I am loving the cream texture.

I have seen a couple more bumps pop up. On my chin and inner cheeks. But what I have noticed while being on this new oil regimen is that my inflammation is almost virtually gone. I see a pimple pop up and if it immediately forms a whitehead, I know it will not inflame. But if it looks like a blackhead then we have trouble. But I have been happy with the low inflammation.

What I want to focus on right now is to vary my diet a little more. I think the high redundancy that I have going is no good on my body. I have already added beef. Maybe squash and zucchini would be good.

Also I am going to start applying the taz back to my inner cheeks. I think as long as I do it lightly, it will help clear them. I think I have been dealing with this for the past 2 weeks at least. That tells me it's more than a dryness issue. The skin is normalizing in those areas.

Of course I want to be careful not to overwhelm myself. Let's just stick with one thing at a time.

Things I'm changing:

new oil regimen

no rub, more gentle, 1 pea size taz cream

vary my diet

eliminate eggs

bye bye tomatoes

Everything else will remain the same. I will do this for 2 weeks starting yesterday. Wish me luck! :D

Current status:

forehead- clear

left cheek- clear, except for some teeny spots on inner cheek

chin- area under lip is bumpy

right cheek- bumpy and rough looking with red spots that pop up everyday

May 28th is results day.... :angel:

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While eating my breakfast (onion, pepper, tomatoes, cucumber, olive oil) I noticed the acid in the tomatoes were stinging my tounge.

About an hour later I have a patch of red, itchy, bumpy skin on my jawline.

Hmm... we can confirm that foods with high acid are NOT agreeing with me. The same thing happen 4 months ago when I ate grapefruit.

Okay, no oranges, grapefruit, pinnapple, lemon, lime, or tomatoes.

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Something I noticed since starting the olive oil, fishoil, and now cod oil supplements is that my skin is not shedding profusely like it was. It could also be that I've been only using a pea size amount of the cream too. But I'm happy I don't have to deal with that anymore.

My skin's texture is actually very nice and soft. I just wish my right inner cheek would get the clue.

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My right side of inner check is starting to normalize due to the no rubbing no tazorac method. A small pustule popped up on my lower right cheek yesterday but it is slowly healing. Everything looks pretty good today (so far).

I am still not eating tomatoes or eggs. I am also NOT rubbing my skin or washing too much. I have only been using a pea size amount everywhere except my inner cheeks. And I am still doing the oil regimen.

Something I noticed from the oil regimen is that my skin stopped shedding like it was. It has also made my skin very soft to the touch.

Let's see how it goes from here :angel:

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Thanks socold!

I haven't been posting my food in here because I have been recording it on a word document in extreme detail since Friday. I am trying to see what is breaking me out or what foods are NOT breaking me out so I can rest assured to eating them.

My diet has gotten too restrictive and I am loosing too much weight due to it. I'm scared to eat in fear of it breaking me out. I think by varying my diet, it will put less of a chance of a food doing too much harm. Moderation is always key.

I unfortunately had to rub my skin tonight. I didn't really in the shower but after I got out, the skin was all bunched up on my chin and upper lip, it was dead skin just sitting on top.

I hope I didn't irritate it much. I am getting used to the upped does of olive oil. I guess I need to buy the bigger bottle next time though because I'm almost out and I just bought it last Monday. I am still breaking out here and there but I am not being uptight about it so I guess that helps.

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Sorry! I was writing so much in my detailed paper log that I didn't have the energy to write in this one.

Things are okay, they could be worse. I am eating more varied. I have introduced eggs back in but not everyday. I had it wednesday and friday so far and only 1.

My skin is still real dry and there are dry rash like patches that come and go on the upper and inner parts of my cheek. Last night I didn't apply the taz. I only applied the cetaphil lotion. I am thinking of trying the complex 15 lotion for the day time. It has great reveiws.

My nose is yucky. It has 2 big red spots, but they are easily covered with makeup. My forehead has been awesome (knock on wood) but then again when I compare it to the other parts of my face, it is the most normal meaning not dry or peeling.

I have noticed that I have major anxiety, especially when eating. It could be my correlation with food breaking me out, or the fact that it takes me an hour to eat a meal (i'm a slow eater) or who knows but when it starts it's almost unstoppable. My heart starts racing etc.

So anyways, that's whats been going on :angel:

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