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can you get bactrim septra in the uk?

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ive got a doctors appointment tomorrow, ive been on minocycline for over 2years now, and i jsut feel my acne is now getting worse gradually, its very unstable. one week it will be good, the next week bad. i hate the ups and down. ive heard that minocycline can become less effective over time..maybe this is what has happened. ive read a lot of success stories about bactrim septra so i really want to start this, regardless of some of the rare side effects. can you get bactrim septra in england (uk)? if you can im going to ask for this tomorrow and go off the mino.


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well, i went to the doctors and asked for bactrim, she looked it up and it says nothing about it being used for acne. she said she will ask the skin specialist and ring me back tomorrow...i bet they wont prescribe it for me :(

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its under the brand name Septra in the UK.

just to let you know lol.

if you ever query this stuff, it can be found on netdoctor www.netdoctor.co.uk

if you type something in, and it doesnt come up (make sure u spelt it right first lol) then it probably isnt availiable in the UK.

Or, go and ask your pharmacist, he/she can search the computer for the medication and tell you if its avaliable. This is what i do, then ask my doctor for it lol

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