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Hi, I recently made a post asking for advice for fading my brown marks. Recently I went to my derm and he prescribed me Kligmans formula (hydroquinone 4%, tretinoin 0.025%, kogic acid 2%) and this acne gel with 15.5% glycolic acid, latic acid, salilylic acid ect.

It's my fourth day and I haven't seen much difference, but my face is a bit flakey and my skin tone a bit lighter, but not the brown spots, infact they look darker. I was wondering if hydroquinone/kogic acid makes the marks darker first (because it has to inhibit tyrosinase activity and stop melanin production [which is what creates melanin, the brown pigment]) before their skin lightening effects or properties are seen? In other words when I apply Kligman's to the spots is it normal for the spots to darken first and then lighten? When will I see any obvious results?


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I think it does just from experience. When I put it on, my marks become more evident-both brown and red. It also turns my red marks to brown. Your face will lighten up again and return to normal if you don't put the cream on a few days afterwards.

My formula was 4% hydroquinone, 4% kojic acid, 0.025% retin-A, and 1.25% vitamin C serum.

I saw improvement in like a month. But it makes my marks darker and my skin also looks kind of wrinkly when Im on it, so I don't stick with it long term unless I'm off school. When I first put it on, it sort of looked like I had a tan, but I'm actually really pale

Also my skin tone for my face is a different shade from my neck after the cream. Its kind of weird.

In some lights, I look awful on it. But I plan to go back on christmas break. I see improvements in like 1month. Maybe even 2 weeks...though I can't say.

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Oh thanks. Yeah my face is a totally different shade to my neck. Vit C serum? That sounds like a good combo. I agree with the part where you say it makes you wrinkly ect... it gives my skin this coarse texture, but I guess thats just the retinol renewing my skin cells, so I guess it is working, just hope these brown marks fade :(

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