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Retin-A Micro and SA Difference?

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i was just wondering what is the difference between Retin-A Micro 0.1% and Paula's Choice 2%BHA Gel , dont they basicly do the same thing?

im planning to use this with bp and roatate every few days that cleared me up completely few months ago.

but i used retin-a micro then and was wondering if i can achieve the same results with a good BHA.

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Salicylic Acid does the following...

*Exfoliates the skin surface

*Slows shedding of the skin down

*Breaks down acne lesions

*Penetrates inside the follicle and helps decongest pores

Retin A does the following....

*Speeds up cell turnover many fold (which explains a big purge of acne)

*Helps normalize shedding inside of the follicle

*Helps control oil

I recommend havin a darn good reason for using a retinoid cause it can purge your skin out so fast that you can get red marks... Be careful

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Hi Steven1,

Just wondering what you decided to do?

I'm currently on the regimen and use Paula's Choice 2% liquid on my entire face once a week (otherwise too drying) for exfoliation. This has kept me completely clear EXCEPT for the continuously clogged pores on my nose. My derm have me a prescription to RetinA Micro for my nose, but I haven't filled it yet bc I hate to add yet another thing to my cleansing routine! I was hoping to use just one or the other (ie BHA or retinA). Was thinking would just increase the BHA only on my nose and see how it went but wanted to see what you decided to do and how it was going?

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