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Bactrim = Awesome

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Hi this is my first post though I have been reading posts here for quite a while.

I've had acne/rosacea all over my face and body for about 10 years now with no sign of it slowing down. I've been to a couple different dermatologists throughout the years. Minocycline and Doxycycline worked like total crap for me. They would work for about 2 weeks and then my acne would come back in full force once again.

I finally found a doctor that prescribed me something good for a change, Bactrim. I've been on it for about 3 months now and its great. All of my acne is just about gone. I used to break out every single day but now no more.

I felt the need to post this because it seems like alot of people get prescribed mino/doxy and it doesn't work for them. I know Bactrim is a stronger drug but I have experienced less side effects with it (no stomache cramps even on empty stomache).

Here is my current full regime as of now:

Bactrim(2 pills a day)

Cetaphyl cleanser (2x a day for face)

Panoxyl 5%(1-2x a day for body)

Retin-A (at night for face)

Clindamycin Phosphate Topical Solution Pledget (for face in morning)

Glycolic acid pads 20% (1-2x a week for face...really gets rid of blackheads)

Man now that I wrote this all down, it seems like I do alot of stuff heh heh

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Yeah Adam I would definitley say it is the 2nd line of defense. I was on accutane years ago and it worked great while I was on the treatment but as soon as I stopped it slowly all came back worse than ever. Accutane also gave me incredibly dry eyes and lips. I don't think my eyes ever fully recovered since the treatment because they are always dry.

I was about to go on another treatment of accutane recently but my doctor wanted me to try bactrim first. The only problem now is that my face is still incredibly oily. About 1 hour after I wash my face its drenched in oil. It sucks because I would think people would perceive me as dirty or unclean because it looks like I don't wash my face. I blot my face with tissue paper as much as I can but it really doesn't help much.

I just hope that I don't grow immune to this drug because that means I'll have to go on accutane once again.

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How does bactrim work? Is it another antibiotic that just kills bacteria and when you stop taking it the bacteria and the acne come back? Or does it target oil production like tane?

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Yeah its just another antibiotic that kills bacteria and I'm pretty positive that acne will come back after taking it. The difference with this drug is that it is actually keeping me clear whereas other antibiotics failed. It has had no effect on oil production in my experience.

I plan on taking this drug as long as I can since I have not experienced any side effects so far. I see alot of people here seem be against taking long term antibiotics but to me its worth it as long as it keeps me clear.

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Im my A2 Level module last year, we studied antibiotics, and i portfolioed Septrim (Bactrim: same active ingrediant)

it works by inhibiting folate (folic acid) which means bacteria cannot multiply due to folate is needed for DNA replication, therefore, reducing the number of bacteria drastically, if not altogether.

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