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What supplements do you take?

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Omega 3 Fish Oil Capsules/Liguid form, Kids Multi Vitamin (no Iodine), Muti+ Daily Glow. Vitamin C 500mg.

I take two multi vitamins ones for acne and skin rejuvenation and the other is for general body health

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-Probiotic (Primal Defense)

-Liquefied Vitamin A (I'm not on Accutane but essentially Accutane is mega-dosing on Vitamin A)


-Multi-vitamin (Jamieson's)

-Glutamine (help repair intestinal tract)

-Psyllium Fiber (promote regularity)

-Phytoberry (Canadian-made product which essentially is a whole lot of berry extracts; great source of antioxidants)

-Green Tea (antioxidants + energy)

-Camomile/Peppermint Tea (relax/soothe stress + stomach)

-Betaine HCl (for digestion)

-Omegazyme (if I have a heavier meal or one with lots of vegetables to help digest)

Also, if I don't get much protein during the day I'll have a protein shake using just water and a protein powder which has enzymes in it to help break down and utilize the protein.

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