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Do Whiteheads Migrate? What is the Velocity of a Laden Migrating Whitehead ...?

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Hi, everyone ... I've noticed something strange about my irremovable whiteheads. I've had a blanket of them covering my cheeks since I was about 13 and they've just gotten worse with age. I do notice, however, that they seem to be a lot less visible in the morning. Then they pop back up around noon or so. Furthermore, they also seem less visible right before my special week at the middle of the month ;)

Why is that? Does anybody know? It's so strange and annoying because I momentarily get hope that one of the many medications I use is finally working ... and then they're back. Back again. Whitehead's back. Tell a friend.

Or this board ....

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:lol: What a good sense of humor you have. :)

What treatments are you currently using? Some people find that a gentle chemical exfoliant like glycolic acid or salicylic acid or mandelic acid or azelaic acid help rid them of whiteheads. Others find that gentle mechanical exfoliation helps. I use a combination of both chemical and mechanical exfoliation with great success.

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Thank you! And yes, for the record, I am suggesting that whiteheads migrate ;)

I've tried lots of things, Oh Keeper of the Grail of H20. Antibiotics, retinoids, chemical exfoliants, mechanical exfoliants, birth control, using nothing at all, hot water, cold water, I currently live in Japan where I don't have a derm. Since I moved here 9 months ago, I've swung from using very little aside from cleanser to trying lemon juice, applying vinegar straight as a toner and trying my old tubes of tazorac that i brought from home.

right now, i'm using:

Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash in the AM and PM (or Pond's White Beauty Foaming Wash, which I bought recently in Thailand)

Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture

SolaNoveil SPF 50

Tazorac cream

and at night, Neutrogena cleanser, the vinegar and Tazorac.

I've only been doing this for about a week now because I'm going home to visit next month and am embarrassed to show up for the first time in a year with gross skin. My ice picks have gotten worse this year and I've always got the same ugly bumps. Tazorac never did anything for me before and I doubt it'll help now but you got to hope the hope, right? Sigh.

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