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For Those of You Who Drink Vinegar ....

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... first, I have to say that I was a bit startled when I first read that some of you take shots of vinegar! But then I thought - well, why not? We eat it any way, surely it's not bad for you. Vinegar is supposed to be amazing for just about anything - household uses and now, apparently, acne! At this stage, I'm ready to try anything to help my ice pick scars and my overall skin condition. I've been putting vinegar -straight - on my face for a few days as a toner and think I might be seeing an improvement in the constellation of whiteheads that always stud my cheeks ... or this could be hormonal; I notice that the whiteheads usually go down a bit before my period (sorry if this is TMI, fellows of the board). But ... drinking vinegar!

I pose to you a couple of questions:

a) how horrible is the taste?

b) has anyone ever had some kind of reaction to drinking vinegar straight? upset stomach, allergies?

c) how long did it take to start seeing results?

Thank you all for your time! I appreciate any feedback.

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It's really not bad, honestly! I can smell it when I put it on but after that, I don't. My boyfriend doesn't smell it, either, unless he's really up close but he never complains. We both live in Japan - maybe he likes the smell because it reminds him of chips back home :) Have you ever noticed anything funny when you drink the vinegar? Does it sting going down - or is that why you drink it with water?

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A teaspoon of apple cider vinegar a day has been known for ages to be extremely beneficial for your overall health.

ACV is great in salad dressings, so go ahead and mix it with some oil and honey and have a salad if you don't want to drink it straight.

It's FABULOUS for your skin, I've been using it straight on with a cotton pad for a week and notcing really nice improvement in skin tone and texture. Yay for vinegar!

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I've only been using ACV topically on my face for just over a week. Had a bit of a breakout (3 small spots inbetween my eyes...of all places, urgh!)

Anyone feel drinking ACV gives better results than applying topically?

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i use it on my face, chest and back, and i drink it. SIR HERE'S MY REPORT SIR!

i don't really have chest problems. i have like 2 little pits on it, which don't bother me at all, considering my other worries. but i heard acv gets rid of scars for some people. but i always have like 10 big ass pimplez on my back. the acv doesn't fade old red marks. but it stopped me from getting new ones, which is attacking the source. (i got pics you can see if you give a crap). i'm in fall semester, so i don't use it during the day. and sure enough, i started breaking out on my back again.

same goes for my face (it works for me). BUT, if you get a new pimple, and you apply acv to it (on the face), it burns the pimple off. so you're left w/ a dark red spot (it's not a pimple anymore. it's a burn mark). it's darker red than normal ones. it's like comparing a light red kidney bean to a dark red kidney bean, for you bean shoppers out there.

so topically, i think it works. but it'll burn the pimplez on your face. also, i'm left red overall, even on my back and chest. plus, cuz of the smell, i only use it at night.

now for drinking, i put probably about 4 tablespoons into water. i use a huge 32 oz water cup. and fill it w/ water and baking soda and chug it. the taste is junky, but it works for me. the baking soda makes it taste worse, like dirty soda, but the bicarbonate balances the acidity, so your teeth are less susceptible to the acid. chug that thing, and it only takes 15 seconds of your life. that's not so bad. plus, there's tons of water in it, to flatten the taste. it's always good to be hydrated anyway, right?

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Oh, man! tooth corrosion? I hadn't thought about that. Man, why does this have to be so hard ... ?

sorry for whining. I've actually read recently that if you put the ACV in the fridge it neutralizes the taste and if you take the shot by leaning your head forward and shooting it behind your front teeth it minimizes contact with your teeth ... I think I'm just going to try this tonight. Fingers crossed!

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i've been doing this for a few days. i put 2tb of organic apple cider vinegar into a glass of water and drink it twice a day with a straw (the acids will do a number on your teeth over time). i don't get stomachaches, but i never drink it fast. i just sip it while i'm watching tv or something. the taste actually doesn't bother me at all, but i'm kind of used to it. i've been hooked on vinegar since i went to europe and they ALWAYS gave you white vinegar when you ordered fries. also, i find fruit dipped in balsamic vinegar to be very tasty!

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when I drink it I try not to let it touch my teeth I can see some enamel missing already lol. Im so worried about my teeth that when I drink it my head is in such a way that it feels like goes down the wrong hole in a painful way

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Well I am a bit of an expert on drinking vinegar, so i can answer most of your questions...

Although some people have very sensitive skin, so caution must be used, when applying raw vinegar...You must test on a small part fo skin, for any reaction. It is always safer to dilute vinegar for washing the face, it will help the skin radiate, and heal, it also acts a disinfectant, breaking down oily skin.

special drinking vinegars are brewed for health & wellness, from Sorghum and fruits, traditionally an Asian alternative medicine drink for health, it is highly valued and surprisingly very refreshing...I take a liter of real drinking vinegar, when i jog 3 days a week. It is better than any energy drink on the market! Drinkingvinegar is an art, just like wine, and can mixed into cocktails, excellent mixer & shakers, with a shot of vodka or rum...

Vist www.drinkingvinegar.com and read more, visit the links and get educated in real health & wellness, which is also scientifically proven by Noble Prize winners...Adolf Krebs 1953 for the citric acid cycle.... Feordre Lynen 1964 for immune system and the breakdown of fatty acids!

Welcome to the world of drinkingvinegar!

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