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Why do all my pimples become pustules?

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I did a bit of research and i guess it means my follicle walls are just very weak? Is there anythign else behind this? Health factors? Everytiem a pimple shoots up, it eventually becomes a pustule. they usually show up on my cheeks but ive had them pretty much all over my face, even though my acne is pretty mild.

Is there any medication or antibiotic that is specifically made to target the formation of pustules, because if i could cut down on pustules, my skin would improve dramatically.

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holy shit same here

i never poped them so they turn to red marks on there own dont know y

so this time i actually poped one of them and ill c if the red mark fades, cuz if i dun pop them it will become a red mark, mind as well just pop them and let it be gone faster

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I have the same problem with loads of red marks that linger. I don't know what to tell you.

when u pop them make sure you do it right....you can find hwo to do that on this website, anyway...afterwards, be sure to apply a little neosporin, usually helps me.

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BP and topical antibiotics work very well for pustules because of the drying effect. I use the topical antibiotic Dalacin T and within 3 days of usage, the pimple will be gone.

Pustules look like that because the white blood cells are already on the surface of the pimple, signifying that it has killed almost all the bacteria inside the pores. I actually prefer pustules to papules when I have a pimple because pustules siginify that the pimple is about to drop off. Its the papules that are irritating because you have to wait for them to become pustules.

Oh yeah and you can pop pustules if it really looks like it wanna be popped but make sure your hands are really clean. Then apply the BP or antibiotic on top of it to prevent reinfection.

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