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Teretinoin With ACV and Erythromycin?

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Ok guys my name is Max and im 16 ive suffered from acne since start of puberty(12).

my dad had really severe acne and my mom had mild acne.

My acne condition is really mild to mild acne on the face(some small inflamed spots ,white and black heads all round the nose and chin)

And ill say severe acne with big inflamed spots on the back and chest+ wat seems to be a sweat rash that recently appeared.

ok guys so my regimen rite now is like this


wash face with normal water

Cleanser: some acne soap bar to dry my skin coz its oily(prescribed by derm and does not contain BP or anything like that).

wait for the face to dry naturaly.

Acne-Mycin Topical 10g contains: (Erythromycin 0.2g) (ethanol 9.25g)

And for Bacne

0.05% Ret-Avit Tretinoin Gel (gonna start it today)


Shower with some normal shampoo like Garnier(for the head)

after brushin teeth wash my face with water and then cleanse again with the same soap like in the morning

wait for face to dry

apply ACV full power on face acne and Bacne(usually all bak and chest and all the face)

go to sleep :D


so guys now that u know my condition and my daily regimen i want to ask some questions.

ive been on erythromycin for about 1.5 months now and i still get spots, it cleared me up alot but i still have my usual spots and my black/white heads .. why is that?

i moved to a new house recently and i slept for 2 days on a syntethic material.. i usually sleep on my left side and after 2 days of sleep a red rash of small red dots all round my left side appeared(only on the left side rite side was clear)... now i went to the derm and she said its a sweat rash that got inflamed coz of my acne and some of the spots had white pus inside them so she prescribed me erythromycin for the bak aswell which didnt help..

like a week ago i started using ACV on face and back and my skin improved abit but nothing serious..

now yesterday i went to the doc again and she prescribed me with tretinoin for the bak

she gave me a 0.025 and a 0.05 option and i decided to choose the stronger one coz i know my skin is hard enough. so i was wondering if u know, will it help me? does it have any side effects(its a topical)??

and also i was wondering if my regimen plan is good or should i put the antibiotic and retinoids at night and the organic acv in the morning?!

any advice is welcome!

sorry for the poor english but its like 4 am here and english isnt my first language :D

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retinoids should be used at night. light exposure can make them ineffective. also, i used to use acv when i was on dan's regimen and i found i got better results when i mixed it half and half with green tea.

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