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My mother pulled up the carpet in the basement beside my bathroom today because we suspected mold.... low and behold there it was GROSS BLACK MOLD.... how bad is this stuff for you??? I have been living in this house for years with this mold growing there walking over it and everything.... Me and my mom arent rich.... i dont think we can afford to get someone in to rip out the carpet to get rid of it. Does anyone know about mold and how to get rid of it? I was thinking of paying my brother to do it.... get him to wear a mask and like bleach it all or something.... This is really depressing.... I cant afford to be around stuf flike this either with my sensitive immune system... I cant imagine what the stuff has been doing to us health wise. Any suggestions?

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Mold is bad! Poor air circulation and a moist atmosphere are the main causes. You may need to find out where the moisture came from (if you have a small long term water leak or something) otherwise it'll just happen again. Don't stress too much, good luck sorting it out!

Indoor Mold

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Yes, find the source of the water and correct it.

Don't rip anything else out without using a mask. Make sure it is the right kind of mask, too.

Use bleach to treat it. Do an internet search to find the exact strength/dilution. I think it is 1 cup bleach : 1 gallon water. After using the bleach, you must rinse the area well. If necessary you can clean it further with soap and water.

If this is truly toxic black mold (not all mold that looks black is "black mold") aka stachybotrys, then be very careful about remediation. Also, when it is remediated care should be taken not to incorporate it into the ventilation system. Consider having the ventilation system of the house cleaned and sanitised after the clean-up, especially area with water like the humidifier/dehumidifier.

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